Why doesn't work sigil scrying for me?

Simple question.
When I scry sigils they get flashing
but I get no contact. Why?
Thanks in advance.

Are you sure they are not listening?


Maybe they listen. That’s right.
Thanx for this first.
But I get no sign or something.
From 2016 - 2018 I got plenty of contacts but 2019 was poor. This year I had no contact at all.
What could be wrong?

When you skry, expecially when the sigil flashes, the spirit does hear you.
It is that maybe you can’t hear them, work on you astral senses I’d suggest.


It never was necessary to do this.
The spirits ever were heared when they wanted to. I had plenty of contacts through the years without having trained my senses. But now is no contact anymore.

Some faculties get dull while others get sharper. Focus on your energy work and meditate on your sigil. Sometimes things work with out even trying.