Why doesn't evocations work when i try them?

Ive tried summoning king paimon twice but never get anything out of it can some one help ?


Well, what have you tried? Also, development of spiritual senses, what did you do for immersion before your attempts, etc? Also, are you getting a result, or just trying for communication?

I’m just trying to communicate I drew a sigil and had an offering but for some reason still have no result but for a moment things around the sigil started shaking for like 8 seconds

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Evocation isn’t a phone call, its a fairly advanced magical practice. Doing it without a solid grounding in rudimentary magical techniques and expecting physical manifestation is just going to frustrate you.


I can only speak for myself, but preparatory immersion and training the spiritual senses were the big two for me. Things like meditations focusing on connecting with the spirit, if you are using incense custom blend it, if you use candles engraving them with sigils or other things relevant to your goal.

For myself, I had a member here recommend chanting with beads as part of a daily practice. I started and really love it; I’ve actually using that as part of my own preparatory immersions now for the last month and the connection is amazing.

That’s great, and a definite sign of progress, IMO. Don’t give up! Also, be open to the idea of any kind of contact, not just the obvious. Synchronicity, symbolism, communication through mental images or ideas that are seemingly not your own, sounds that are out of place for your environment, etc. I usually get the idea/image type, and I have no complaints. I don’t feel it takes anything away from the experience.

Since you seem to be making progress with the actual sigil you might try for a manifestation of communication, charging the sigil with that intent and releasing it.You could build it into your immersion process by using the ashes from that sigil to make some anointing oil for the candles that you might use to work with Him, or add them to ink or paint when you create another sigil for your next evocation attempt.

Also, are you approaching it from the view that you are calling Him to your circle, or that He is already there and you just need to lift the veil for communication to ensue? That can really make a difference. When you are addressing someone who you already know is sitting in the room with you it is in a different frame of mind than when you are calling out into the dark to someone who may or may not even be there to answer.


I did my research before even going through the evocation. He is a King and however sweet he likes to be treated as such. So before I invited him over I cleaned my house - I even had offerings, and acted like he was actually going to see me in the flesh, ( Which they do)

Chico - the search feature here is amazing and wow so much information is given. I just tried calling on Balam and he would not give me the time of day. I then drew him a picture and set it before the alter with his sigil and candle, I am positive I will get a beautiful Evocation. No Fear, TOTAL RESPECT, & dont offer something you cant uphold. Do your research - but do it here because on the WWW everyone is all tossing out FEAR VIBES…

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Maybe he just doesn’t want to come.
He has his reasons.
Sometimes it’s really simple.