Why does s connolly say that evocation is disrespectful to spirits

Why does she say this in her books?

It there any truth to it?

From what I gather it is based upon what current you follow. I forget why though. Perhaps a more knowledgeable member could help with that. Once you understand the why, from there it depends on what you believe. Many members evoke entities with no I’ll towards them at all.

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Evocation itself isn’t disrespectful to spirits. It’s when evokers start to bully them to obey. I believe it would be these bullying tactics she’s referring to.


Well evocation CAN be disrespectful if you keep doing it, you’re basically calling that being over and over, just like if someone were to spam call you or spam text you, I am pretty sure you’d find it disrespectful. However, some people will often continue to do it even if the entity doesn’t answer. If they don’t usually means busy or doesn’t want to answer.

Crowley in Liber Librae wrote that the magician may summon, command and dismiss the entities while respecting them, in demonolatry there is a different feeling so the Demons are invoked (simply called) and the same tendency is true for some currents of satanism, where Demons aren’t dismissed either, or they’re addressed with “Thank you, go in peace”.

It because S. Connolly is a demonolator and demonalatry is a religious practice. She constantly refers to demons as the “Demonic Divine.” It is not the same thing as ceremonial magick and her definitions of both evocation and invocation are not those commonly accepted.


Her books annoy me. Albeit for research purposes I was not impressed with how she goes about discussing demon evocation or pacts.

Because the old way of doing it would be to restrain the demon and “make them” do you bidding while threatening harm and destruction if they don’t. So you needed circles and names and threats. I really don’t feel this is at all necessary for most of any of the Goetia and if you do summon a spirit that needs all of those threats circles and talismans of protection, maybe you should reassess whether or not this is a good idea. I always say it’s the one time practitioners slack off or forget something during those types of rituals that it goes south and fast.