Why does ea Koetting charge money for consultations?

So because you’ve never heard of these authors they are fake?
Are you alleging that E.A. Koetting himself wrote the content and they are fictional characters?


You know for the most part that whether it is the books or the courses that they provide are enough for almost everyone who are self-driven to make progress and build a foundation so that you are self-reliant. From then it is up to you to make further progress.

I think it’s ok to have some questions but some of the ones I see being asked are basic or just kind of random.

Whether it is in law, technology or business, high level professionals command hundreds of dollars per hour for consultation. Aside from his own projects and doing rituals for himself or others I’m guessing Koetting has at most a few hours per day and a few days per week that he has time for to provide consultations so $197 is not that high at all.

I Dont want anyones advice. what im asking for is Quality im a custoumer. i want to see Damon Brand And Gordon Winterfeild in Anthology 3.im a customer and im asking for Mr Koetting to simply consider current authours that are rising in the occult community to be considered for anthology 3. EXAMPLE IF YOU GO TO A SUBWAY RESTRAUNT AND YOU ORDER A SUB SANDWHICH,THEN YOU WANTED CERTAIN STUFF ON YOUR SUB.BUT THE EMPLOYEES TOLD YOU KNOW IM A PROFESSIONAL SUB SANDWHICH MAKER AND I DONT NEED YOU TO TELL ME HOW TO BUILD YOUR SUB SANDWHICH THAT YOUR BUYING FROM ME.

I manifested a car within two weeks. … It was awesome!
And i think hes just busy and being a parent takesva huge amount of your time. I usually just ask lady eva my hard questions. She always has good answers or good resources.

Bless you, thanks! I’m out of the running for DARRIN though because I have imaginary friends, for real:wink:

So you think he’s so full of it that you’re driven to typing in capslock, you also accuse him of making things up, and yet you still want him to work for you for free?

This makes no sense, and it’s very rude.

Ive never bought one of the anthology of sourcery books honestly so i could be off on this. But i thought the point of that book was to find the more underground or unheard of magicians and let them dig their grimoires and share things that have worked for them. So you wouldnt have heard of most of them. Even i if i found something in my grimiore worthy of being published could submit something for the book. No ones ever heard me. Id be miss no name too. But itd be cool as heck to do it. So i think you maybe missing the point on the AOS books.but i could be wrong. I have been before. :slight_smile:

I do agree with what everyones saying. Think of the situation in reverse, if you were a really good magician and had mutliple tools in your arsenal, would you do work for free if magick was your life and income?

But also on the same note, i do agree that some of the stuff listed is priced a bit high. Something that would be nice to see in the future, EA or other Magicians that offer their services on BALG to do a “drawing” type offering for this Website. Whoever is chosen gets a free working/tarot reading…whatever. It may help further their “image” and customers, just so people know they’re not all about profit.

Food for thought.

I Do enjoy most of Koettings videos and books. i was dissapointed with anthonlogy 2.but i think mr koetting is talented in the occult area.but i wish he would listen to what his fans want.questions and awnswers with E.a. koetting is not a consultation. let make it clear of what im trying to say here.i belive E.A Koetting is a very talented magician and occultist,but i wasnt happy with anthology 2.

To all Balg members.I Think there is alot of smart people here and i enjoy reading what others post and have to say.But id like to ask you something.wouldnt be awesome if we could ask mr koetting to expand information on occult related videos and writings,books etc.if were going to pay 150.00 dollars for a book cant we talk about and submit ideas to mr koetting.im not talking about advice for occult or any ritual workings. im just talking about simply asking questions in the question and awnsers spot on BALG Forum with E.A Koetting.

DARRIN, I get that you feel frustrated or whatever, but please don’t start new threads on this, this one is plenty and I’m sure if E.A. comes by the forum he’ll see it and make his own mind up.

Meanwhile why not make a simple and polite list of the top 3 questions you would ask, and post it in the Q&A so he can take it up if he wishes, and make the same post into General or New Magician Help so members can have their say as well? :slight_smile:

That way you get some input even if E.A. is too busy to answer it, and also, there have to be easily 100+ hours of video by BALG online (and also interviews on other people’s channels) so do go through those because sometimes a small comment in one of them may be the answer you were looking for from him about his practice or whatever else.