Why do things turn chaotic when i try to use psychokinesis/psionics

when ever i try to use telekinesis or any other kind of psionic ability things turn chaotic and i cant practice my kinesis’ now. If anyone has any insight please share i miss being able to do kinesis

Sounds like a lack of control. I’m not really experienced in this, but with other types work, things can go kinda chaotically at first, until you learn to control them. The answer would be find a safe place and practice more in my opinion.

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yeah i was thinking maybe im not doing it right

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Eh. Its not a topic that comes up here much, unfortunately it seems to be one of the lesser believed in talents of life.

I think you probably just need to learn how to control what your doing, not that your necessarily doing it wrong. I mean hell the first time I threw a ball, it didn’t go anywhere near my target-I had to learn how to control my aim.

Energy work has been the same. The first time I added it to my practices, I didn’t really know what I was doing. With time I began to learn how to control my aim.

If its dangerously chaotic, try working out doors, or when your essentially alone so that you can intercede the chaos before it becomes an issue. If you start seeing signs that its getting chaotic, pause and try to get back on course. Things like that.

Like I said, I’m not the best reference, I’ve done some reading on the subject, but its nothing I’ve devoted any time to yet. Keep practicing and you’ll get control of your skills.

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