Why do people curse out of anger without a just reason

Like if the action/verbal dialouge commited against the accusor’s wasnt insulting or disrespectful or just never took place. Or a random evil eye or…just out of hate.

@jalen666 sure there are some circumstance that can’t be help like getting rob. No one can foretold that. It could of been prevented by being aware of surrounding and not going near people or learning self defense to act properly to avoid. There’s a theory that bad things happen cuz you attract them which i can’t totally say it’s true not isn’t true. The energy you create is the situation you attract. There were interviews of people who had criminal victim activity on them. Most of them were living in fear even before being target. They allow criminals to smell fear. They always thinking bad stuff will happen to them. Law of expectancy.

If bad things do happen then you just make the most and move on. Some things you can’t help it yet you can lessen the damage or learn to avoid for future. You make the most of whatever situation. For example everyone is getting mess up with this virus cirucumstance. We make the most of it. Lots of stuff is beyond our control. Such as noisy homeless blasting music all day and nite irritating you cuz the city allow them to put up tent 24/7. So the city got sued from business and residence and now they are to remove 70% of them in my neighborhood. They just didnt’ do their jobs. Who wants to live in a neighborhood where it’s dirty unsanitary in every block. That’s basically what’s going on right now in my neighborhood cuz the city don’t do their jobs. All the poor segregate here cuz it’s where the addicts are and the government free food service is. Hopefully the city do their job and get rid of the disrespectful homeless. If they blasting music all nite they gotta go. I have no pity for them as they break the law. People need their sleep to function right. They can die for all i care.

U do what you can with whatever happens.

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Revenge or justice, depending on the circumstances. Yes, there is a big difference between the two. Depending on the path, it is also a cultural means of accountability, such as with Haitian Vodoun where some the curses are broken by the victim apologizing to who they did wrong to. Anger is a response to pain, which can arise from serious or “petty” situations. The difference between the two is really up to the individual.

Same as the first question, but it can also serve as a means to advance oneself, depending on what is being done. Or removing a problem from one’s work place, although I have found banishments to be more efficient.

Do you mean has anyone cursed another for any reason beyond their lens of morality? If so, sure. There are and have been many reasons to throw a curse at another, ranging from revenge on a unfaithful lover to overthrowing a king. Cursing is just a small aspect of a grander tool that has been used to help enrich life for millennia

Thank you fr no cap. I feel like everyone’s adivice on here is teaching and helping me more than what I was being taught from the sheeple in the masses.