Why do [or did] you want a succubus or incubus


Great question. Well I want a succubus because no human being wants to sleep with me or even talk to me.
Cause I am 4 feet tall. Every woman wants a dude 6 feet + tall or rich.


i didn´t want to, she came onto me, at the time i didn´t realize but she putted the word “succubus” and “lilith” in my mind in order to seduced me, so once thing let to the another i found several blogs on the internet that talked about this kind of relationships, but it was a thing that i was struggling with because i didn´t know if this would be beneficial to me or just a way to get into more trouble (it doesn´t help either tthat i grew up in a traditional christian family)

around june 2017 she started to seduced me but it took around late september of the same year to convince myself to get in a relationship with a daughter of lilith, i remember the first time we met, it was a dream i had that i was in my bedroom and out of nowhere she came to me and started to hugging me and wanting to make out, pretty nice feeling, i´m grateful that she came into my life, she´s the best girl i´ve ever met, i´m also thankful towards lilith for allowing this relationship to happen


Done a few attempts with Lilith herself and Izabael. It must be a “gradual thing”, in fact I didn’t have much results, I’m almost 40 years old anyway so I was thinking of going Middle Path or celestial, and possibly to betroth/marry a human female (also it’s probably better to not mix that with the succubus jealousy I’ve read about)


The succubus would only get jealous if you did not state up front, upon calling her, that you would also be taking a human lover/mate. There are some here whose succubi spouses are actually willing to help them find human lovers so the jealousy thing is definitely not a given, so long as you treat the succubus with respect and ask her if she is okay with it.