Why do I keep getting visions of the tree of life

Is there any presidence behind this. Anyone else experience the tree of life.


Yes, there is a precedent for seeing archetypal symbols in visions, I advise you take it seriously and immerse yourself treat it like a side quest in a video game or something. :+1:


If you wanna dig into the older symbolism of it the Norse, Siberian and many other traditions ancient compared to kaballah also have a tree of life as i am learning.


It could be synchronicity. Have you researched the Tree of Life in the past week or so?

It could also be a being associated with Norse mythology or Kabbalism inviting you to contact them.

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I second what @Dinmiatus and Lady Eva just said, do take it seriously as it could indicate a pathworking that could be beneficial for you


No. It keeps popping up and it’s annoying. When I meditated on it. I was walking in hay field and mountains were behind the tree and when I got to the trunk of the tree a door appeared. When I opened it was as if I walked into hell. Everything that I seen outside of the tree was beautiful. Heaven like. But inside of the tree was like the opposite. I seen fire everywhere. It was a very bleak and dark place. Idk what it means but that’s what I got.

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