Why do I always hear clicks on windows?

Is it just my own energy or a spirit trying to make a sign with those multiple clicks on the windows when i’m alone in a room, specially in the night, I’m habituated to those clicks but they just increased yesterday and i can hear them as i’m typing, yesterday i made a very weird dream and the first time i hear someone say “the glory of Satan” in my dream. i’m in a strange state today but I think it’s caused by my TGS and Breathing techniques practices that i increased is it linked to this dream? Just before sleeping i for the first (think that) made a clear Astral projection, i saw some weird places, some special structures, mountains and forest those places don’t really look like earth place but my vision was grey, i saw no other color, except the purple lights i see before going deeper. Please can someone explain to me those clicks? Have i made an astral projection or just my mind having fun?