Why did humans develop consciousness

From an evolutionary perspective what would be the survival advantage of such a thing?


I think everything is conscious to some extent but humans seem to be elevated. Your guess is as good as mine as to why.

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My personal theory is that it is NOT an advantage, but an expression of entropy. It takes an awful lot of energy to feed everything through the consciousness engine in order to get an answer out, energy that could be MUCH better spent on processing the environment and reacting to it


It is programmed into humans. An aspect that carries over from the gods.

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I don’t think we evolved it, I think evolution is a way to manifest things, so the spirit came beforehand and clothes itself in flesh, because animals are more sentient and more complex than we give them credit for as well, and they all have souls.

I think humans are spiritually/genetically engineered (same thing?) by external races of beings as well… :thinking:

Buné is a good spirit to have a long chat about this with, she blows my mind every single time. :sparkles:


Interesting! What races? Some people believe the annunaki were the ones to genetically engineer us. Oh cool so Bune doesn’t mind being evoked just to talk?

In my experience all spirits LOVE to be asked to share their wisdom! :thumbsup:

I was posting about this recently:smile:

She showed me that DNA is sentient on the spiritual levels, and that masses of it exist like interlinked islands, in a spiritual sense, and that these are kind of meta-beings in their own right - we as individuals are to them what a liver or the neurons in the gut, or different lobes of the brain, are to you as a person.

I’ve meditated on similar things and thought we are all but atoms of a greater god.