Why demons help us?

This is Sargatanas’ reason in God’s demon, that I believe is a channeled story with the scenes of Hell and all.
Astarte was the Goddess of LOVE and at least according to The Infernal saga she is still upset over being cast out from our realm and wants back.

For now it is, but wasn’t always so. Remember, all are not even from Earth’s spiritual realms, like P.
Besides, Hell is just one demonic realm as I understand it - a pocket realm.

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Actually it’s a nation within one of the underworlds, not even a pocket realm, but yes it’s only one place that is considered home to demons and various other entities, Nyx’s realm holds various demons that aren’t infernal as well, so does Irkalla the sumerian Underworld. The shinto underworld holds demonic-like yokai.


Ba’al was worshipped as the god Hadad. Astaroth was worshipped as Astarte - the goddess of love. Both Apollo and Hades are said to be forms of Abaddon. Lucifuge was known as Thoth. Gods now classified as demons and there are many more examples.


Lol, says who?

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yeah and this is actually inaccurate.

Astaroth was only linked to Astarte due to their names sounding the same, there’s no historical evidence that states otherwise, academically it literally says his name was derived from the spelling similar to Astarte not that it is them and a handful of people have already experienced that Ashtoreth doesn’t like being considered Astarte.

Apollo and Hades are not forms of Abaddon as Abaddon was seen as an angel of the Abyss who fell and became known as a demon of the Abyss, Apollo and Hades are Gods, there’s no historical evidence on this either there’s not even occult evidence on this lol besides it doesn’t make any sense at all even without having to research it lol and Lucifuge being Thoth is also falls into the fact there’s no information on that, it aligns slightly with the idea that people think Hermes is also Thoth which was derived from when Greece invaded and Conquered Egypt, or how they think Thoth is also Quetzalcoatl and Paimon, these connections make no sense and usually just dripple brought on by pure UPG lol.


Perhaps you should not always laugh at people Velenos, it quite rude.

I am quoting “Abaddon - Angel of the Abyss” about Apollo and Abaddon. I am however aware that there are differing opinions on much of this.

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You assume I’m laughing at you, but that is not the case, it’s best to keep the ego in check when communicating with those outside of yourself, don’t let the mind make up things that aren’t there.

But no they are not the same beings, again it makes no sense academically or occult wise and if it’s pure UPG it’s better left in the trash.


Yeah and Lucifuge being Thoth is beyond ridiculous

Abbadon is a fallen angel turned demon then?

Same reason you feel most alive when you’re living your life’s mission and purpose

They simply want to be evoked and tasked. It’s like watching a rockstar get on stage and do their thing and then bask in the applause. They love it and eat it up. No coaxing required if it’s what they’re about

I don’t like the notion of worshiping them because it gives them the upper hand in the power split. A simple offering they can experience through your senses will do more than enough, and think intensity more than pleasant. They’re yin consciousness beings


I dont normally post here, but I had to login on this one. The fearful language in this thread infuriates me. Demons dont “help”, they obey. Know your power! I lean more to the Levayan philosphies, but I shame to call anyone a traveler on the left hand path that bows to any power.


They don’t “obey” they choose to help, being confident in your own power doesnt mean demons or any entity fear your empty flex lol. It just means you are not their dormat and not to treat them like your personal tools and vice versa.


It is much more than an energy exchange, it is a Power exchange as well. To feel a glimpse of True Power look to where you spine meets your skull and FEEL what is there and then tell me of your experience. After doing this you should have water and possibly meat (you do not have to eat meat, I am pretty sure being vegetarian or vegan will work as well, but for this meat may work better and as a side note I was vegetarian for over a year and a half, though I did not know about this exercise then). Most spirits will not tell you about this power within us, some even fear it. If you do this PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DREAMS, if you get attacked in a dream look at that place in the morning (or whenever you wake up), because the spirits that are attracted to this power can physically hurt you and worse and you will most likelg have weird dreams, also DO NOT push it too much, if you do then you could get spiritual sickness and if you push it further than that you could die (this would take a bit if that happened I am pretty sure). If you read about the story of Zohak this power is what the snakes coming out of the shoulders represents, NOT the Kundalini like most think, the Kundalini goes out of the head, not the shoulders. Good luck and report your experience (if it is not too personal that is)!

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There is something that most are not aware of and I just posted a reply to someone explaining it in this thread, look at the reply to see what it is

This I think is right, but also wrong, check out my lengthy reply I made on this thread for more info, it has to do with a Power that most entities will not tell you about and pay attention to the warnings I give, they are very important, this power even though it is within us can hurt us or even if pushed way too far at once can kill us, it is Power itself and most occultists never find out about it

Same reason nobody has to compel one to live their life’s purpose. If in your soul you’re a musician then nobody has to twist your arm to sign a record deal if the opportunity comes along

It would be downright hilarious to think Jimi Hendrix would need to be negotiated into talking about the guitar. Dude would probably talk music with you for hours and be stoked to recommend a book to his new roommate that respected him and tried to get along without kissing ass.

Demons are closer to people. If you understand human nature you’ll understand how to work with demons. That said, anything involving a sense of gratitude, duty, or anything you’d call the higher self is the realm of angels. They’re the altruists. Demons might help simply because they like you.

The one common ground they all absolutely share is they respond to self respect and sincerity. Angels even more so on that last one


In some cultures, it’s because of likeness. You have traits they like and want to develop
I highly doubt a body builder has fluffy bunny spirits who will want to come to his aid lol

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can you explain this a little more? How does someone look at where their spine is attached to their head?

btw: long time ago when I was certified for ambulance we were told that injurying the top part of your neck would be instant death just like an injury to your brain

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You just spiritually feel what is on the back of your neck, try visualizing it and you will feel it, if you do it right, if I can think of another way to describe it I will let you know