Why Black Magick?

I stumbled across this website on accident, and after doing a little reading on what is being offered here, I have a genuine question for the forum. Why black magick? Why risk dabbling with dark magick that potentially has very serious consequences? I have practiced white magic off and on throughout a 16 year span, but never once have I ever cast spell work with the intent to harm another, provide a sacrifice, or summon demons. I lived through a very real period of time where my (then) significant other and I were being tormented by negative entities (long story, one to be told over a stiff drink), and let me tell you it was a living hell. I could not imagine summoning a demon to my doorstep knowing what they were capable of. This isn’t Supernatural where you become buddies with the King of Hell.

Anyways, I have a very open mind and a great respect for magic in and of itself. Even dark arts interest me because it is a part of history and what mankind has been able to achieve. Whether I agree with it or not is irrelevant. What I am most curious about is why have you chosen black magick over white magic? What was the determining factor? People fascinate me so that is another reason I am asking. What I’ve seen here thus far seems very powerful, but I wonder if the risk is worth the reward?

I can only speak for myself here and that’s all I will do. The reason I personally started looking into practices that have been deemed “black magic” is because of an open mind and curiosity like you say you have. I am a religious studies major in college and since a very young age have been studying different religions. One thing I noticed is that when people would talk to me about black magic they immediately went on rants about how I shouldn’t even be asking and I just need to stay away from it. I am the type of person that likes to be educated and I learned through studying the different spiritualities in human culture that those who do not follow a religion often don’t know much about it. Or if they do know a bit about…let’s say hinduism, they don’t know WHAT IT MEANS to be Hindu. So I decided to look into it for myself like I usually do and found what I usually find. The people who use black magic can not be all lumped into a category of evil-harmful people who only want to hurt other like I was told, and the entities that they work with do not harm them the way that I was told they always do. Through growing as a spiritual being and finding my own path I have come to accept that there are “light” and “dark” parts of me and that is who I am and I have come to be at peace with and appreciate that fact. Light and dark are balancing forces of existneces, without one there would not be the other so instead of trying to eliminate one part of me I accept and express both sides of myself as a whole being. Trying to cleave myself in half is like trying to cleave the univereal powers within me in two, that seems to do more harm than good in my personal experience. When I was younger I had YEARS worth of negative experiences with harmful entities just like you say you did, but I still use “black magic” . I do not believe that communication with entities called “demons” is bad because they are often misrepresented. My patron Goddess is Lilith, a prime example. Making an agreement with an entity to help yourself is no different from making an agreement with a person for bennefit, I see no difference and it is OK to want to further yourself and achieve the things you desire. It may seem strange to say that black magic also decreased my fear of the supernatural, but it did. I was empowered to be myself and I gained a confidence that I never had in myself as a powerful spiritual being. My personal work with Lilith has made me a stronger and better person, and she is considered by most to be “demonic”, while she can be scary and dangerous when fucked with, she is benevolent as well. I hope this answers a little but of your question. I’m glad you asked. Asking questions about something new or something that seems odd is not a common thing and creates a lot of misconceptions. Ask away.

for me it is only with the purpose of knowledge and knowledge is not black nor white,it’s merely knowledge…
label and stamps are created by us
why one would be afraid anyways,as human beings living in the most dangerous,hostile environment that is the earth.(for us)
well it’s just my opinion.

our life is already a battle,but to go to a battle with knowledge is always better.

army of one.

Who told you white magic wasn’t dangerous?

Lady Eva,Timothy Donague,among others,constantly talk and write about this,so I’m gonna let them handle this,but safe to say,that following through with the belief of white magick can lead to some serious harm.

Many RHP magicians suffer from depression simply because they are opposed to the idea of using magick to fix their own lives.They can’t bring themselves money,with the belief that them having money means someone else won’t.

They can’t bring themselves recognition in the eyes of others,because they don’t believe in controlling another person’s free will.They don’t see any benefit in love spells,because then it would seem forced.

What this all comes down to is,that they’re not growing,or ascending,but rather,are simply striving to go back to the Source.Which is an admirable goal…until you’ll realize that they’ll always be back here,wanting to go back.

In fact,foregoing the ego,and the self,in favor of assimilating into the limitless pool of everythingness is a form of super-suicide,isn’t it?

What this all comes down to,is that the Right Hand Path,if walked thoroughly enough,and zealously enough,is going to lead you into a similar state as the Christian fundamentalists out there,because Christianity too is to some degree a Right Hand Path based religion.

Of course,some are perfectly content with this(think Dalai Lama) and I completely respect the people who like the RHP.

But black magick,on the other hand,comes VERY naturally to us.It’s probably the first kind of magic we ever start practicing as kids.And that’s also one of the big things about black magic,it’s not black because it’s dark.It’s black because it’s been kept hidden.But I digress.

The Left Hand Path also has an insane amount of freedom about it,meaning that the black magician will readily use any form of magic out there,which includes white magic.Christian mysticism,Ruqya,Sufism,Fay Magic,Wicca,are all forms of magic that a black magician can use,by embracing subjective synthesis.

So the black magician can use whatever magic he wants,for whatever purpose he wants.He is practicing at his most innate and natural level,and he is genuinely pursuing his own growth and happiness.

There are a lot of reasons to practice black magic.

Now,what exactly pushed me to the Left Hand Path?

Absolutely nothing.No seriously,I’m eclectic,and seldom choose to identify myself at all.I identify as a black magician because I use the philosophy of the Left Hand Path,but I don’t think there was ever a point in my life that made me turn away from White Magic and embrace Black magic.

Do you need an elaboration?

Mind you,I could’ve written a much better post but I was too tired.

I love this question, but it’s a very hard one to actually answer for some reason. I love the answers so far myself, I’m curious to read more of them.

I think of course the OP has a few misconceptions first off, which makes me chuckle, because obviously not so long ago I had the same ones.

The intent to harm another? Hmh… I would image there are some poeple out there who DO live to hurt others simply because they find it fun or funny, or simply “because they can.” But this is not most people, Left hand path or not. I have goals, I have needs, I have demands from life, there are things I want, gains I strive to make - don’t we all and should we not? I wont hurt someone just because I feel like it, or even because I want what he has and I feel like I need to harm him to get it. But if someone is going to hurt me or get int e way of what I want or need, I would say it’s right to defend or protect myself.

Summoning demons? I’m hardly the best one to give a real reply to this one. I’m just very much still learning, but that is actually not a requirement of “black magic” anyway. Not everyone actually works with demons at all. Others will no doubt repeat this and better than me, but work with angels if you want, work with nature spirits, saints, anything that you personally feel moved to work with or learn from or about. Spirits in general are all different, have specific skills and interests and why one would choose to take to that certain one depends on your own personality, beliefs and ethics, and end goal. Personally,I was quite surprised at myself, when I started to find that a few of the spirits I am working well with now are of the “demonic” type. That was territory I once thought I would never want to cross over into. The more I research, the more I see that so much is misconception. But heck, I’m finding at the same time though reading more and more that the common idea about the angels are sometimes misconceptions too.

Why did I choose back over white? I’m not sure I chose anything. I’m not sure that most people truly align with the light or the darkness. I think we are ALL a bit of both. Both sides have merit. They both have their uses. Basically I want to use what I can use and discard the rest… from either, both or neither. Its’s not truly turning away or picking one over the other. It’s simply evolving as a person and looking for a wider view of the whole picture I suppose. Personally I feel I’m giving myself a bigger pot to grab from, more building material to use.

Also, quite frankly, I like a challenge, and for myself, the left hand path is simply far more challenging than anything I’ve ever found before. Anyone can listen and follow a set of rules, be told what their personal ethics should be, and blindly agree with that opinion. Anyone can wait for some teacher or deity to save them, to teach them, to give the right answers, whatever. But there is a certain challenge in having no right answer, no one way to think or believe or understand reality. The LHP demands for the first time in my life, that I actually think for myself, that I know that I want, and that my opinions and views, be just that… MINE,and that I know what and who I am and want to be. It demands a level of trust in self that I’ve never found before. It’s one thing to believe in a creator, or divine power, but to BE divine power and act on it, is another entirely. I wanted challenge, and challenge found me. I wanted self improvement and found a path that demands it entirely.

You’re making some assumptions about the LHP based on a system that, like religion, dogmatizes and stygmatizes. Do some research on what Demons truly are. It seems to me your view is based on Christian ideology? They aren’t evil, any more than Angels are “good”. Piss off an Angel and it will smite the shit out of you. True, there are malicious beings out there, but I would [i]strongly hesitate to say they’re Demonic. This is mostly a Hollywood fabrication based on Christian concepts.

I don’t consider myself a Black Magician, nor White. I would say Grey. When you need to fix something around the house, you grab the best tools to do the job. Magick is like that. You’ll find many here who use both Demons and Angels. They will tell you there is no animosity, no war, between the two. One will not refuse help because in the past you have used the other.

Arcane has provided some wonderful insight. White Magick isn’t always as pure and perfect as it presents itself. RHPers hurl curses, too. Don’t kid yourself.

There’s a lot of good reading out there, if you wish. Honestly, browsing through this forum, which you’ve already done, is a great place to start. You’ll see the many and varied faces of the LHP. You’ll find people using Demons to improve their lives, help others, gain knowledge, etc. You’ll also see the overwhelming majority advising [i]against any type of sacrifice.

The reason why I practice as I do? Simple. “I will accept no one in authority over me, nor will I place myself in authority over another”.

Oh, and at some point, Lady Eva will come on here and remind you to post in the “Introduce Yourself” thread, as per forum rules. :wink: That is, if you wish to stick around, and I hope you do.

You must be psychic Chef - oh, hang on! ;D

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Back on topic, this post I did recently summarises why I felt like white magick and the Right-Hand Path were toxic to me, I honestly can’t see how chalking up bad stuff to “karma” or the “will of god” etc is anything other than a suicidally-depressing concept, I don’t mean stubbing your toe or losing £20 down the bookies, I mean the genocides, war crimes, appalling cruelty to animals and little kids, stuff like that.

I don’t see why black magick should be any more dangerous than trying to placate some troll-god who creates people as broken and flawed, puts them in a screwed-up world, and then judges them via karma or whatever when they die. Crazy stuff, if the idea was new and freshly presented, we’d laugh it out the room!

I could dig down into more detail about white magick, but not in the mood right now, and not sure anyone needs another essay… :wink:

pure magick has no color, use any type of magick to achieve your goal, just know what kind of powers in use and assume the consequence, also don’t use magic to hurt anyone