Why are the gatekeepers so powerful?

Why is Azazel,Abandon,Amadeus,Astaroth, so powerful how did they get to be gatekeepers? as a hermit the fool and the magician what does that make in the collision of life. they seem to be like watchtowers of haven is that what they were when they were serving God. st paul papa leba two more gatekeepers if you think of it is all a circle like nature.what are we to them?

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Can you expand on the hermit fool and magician in comparison to the gatekeepers? Virgo, air and mercury.

Well I think it dose have a link between it the people who ask for knowledge are mainly hermits who go deeper in to the demonic would are the fools and the magician links every thing. you are correct about Virgo,air,mercury.

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We are yet to fully understand whom the gatekeepers are as E.A is doing a pathworking right now to explain such things when his new work comes out

Personally I think gods are birds like Lucifuge Rofocale is simlare to a back birds and Lucifer is A magpie they resents pride and self worth crows resents Death (Nox) and so on.

9 Demonic Gatekeepers according to EA are Belial, Lucifer, Azazel, Abaddon, Lucifuge, Beelzebub, Baal, Asmodeus and Satan. Not “Amadeus” or Astaroth.

False. Lucifer is not a gatekeeper. Replace him with Amaymon, and your list is correct. There is an error on the website. Source:

It’s not an error on the website.
EA several times referred to him as one of the gatekeepers, and the first one to step through the veil at this age of Awakening.

If you follow him on the topic of the 9 demonic gatekeepers (on BALG website), you could notice in the first e-mail you get on this topic after following, that when naming the nine demonic gatekeepers he name (and I am quoting) “Amaymon/Lucifer”. This suggests either that EA believes that Amaymon and Lucifer are one, or he is not sure about their number (- what he had already said/shown in one of his videos) and/or the names of all the demonic gatekeepers.

Its always possible whoever set up the page and email for the course made an error, the video linked to it for the course is the same one above. Human error is a thing that happens quote often.

Never once in that video does he mention lucifer, Lucifuge yes, lucifer not at all. As to the other videos where he mentions Lucifer as a gatekeeper , a link to those would be could as a source to debate this further if that is indeed the case.

That does not make sense at all, I’m afraid. Having evoked and worked with both, Lucifer and Amaymon are different entities. And many other magicians can attest to this.

Honestly, though, this isn’t EA’s first time he confused everybody. Just look at his Satan fiasco from before.