Why are most serial killers one of the mutable signs?

I was scrolling through facebook, and I saw this post.

I immediately realized that these are all Mutable sign. I’m quite new to looking into astrology, and I was wondering if anyone else had any insights for why there seems to be a correlation. I get that serial killers can come from any sign, but it appears that having Mutable qualities allows these sort of circumstances to occur. But why would that be though?


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Hmm, yeah interesting it is only 4 of the 12. I’m a virgo :zipper_mouth_face:, will definitely be following this thread if anyone has answers for you

Welp. As a Sagittarius, looks like I’m behind. Wonder who my first victim should be…

But to answer your question, I have absolutely no idea. I’m no astrology buff. Hopefully someone here will have a good theory to read.

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Born: Monday, September 11, 1865, 10:00 PM

He was Virgo. Probably wanted to purge impurity, banish the profane and cleanse the City

I’m certain there are many factors that contribute to someone ending up to be a serial killer, but on a narrative level there seem to be trends that fit most serial killer stories. Any of the signs can have; a troubled childhood, general communication issues with others, and psychopathic behaviours. But what about being mutable may relate or contribute to this sort of development?

You’d think they’d all be hot tempered Aries :smirk:

It would be interesting, as we are internationl community, to make similar lists for our countries and see if this proportion happen to be constant

I will do list of polish serial killers on days

there is subcategory - serial killers by nationalities :smiley: and each wiki is supposed to have correct date of birth