Why am I Here?

I work alone. I don’t worship any god. I don’t work with any either. I am one myself. I know that is blasphemy here and well, anywhere else.

There are asleep demi-gods and children of other gods here. We don’t need to worship our own divine parents. We need to simply remember what we truly are, gods among humans. I haven’t seen any tomes to help young godlings either. If they are I be interested in reading it.

I was told not to reveal to much. I also don’t like being told what to do either. No one deserves to be used in the ways I see many here are. I will keep my opinions to myself on that.

I hate humanity. This version is pretty fucking pathetic. The return of Saturnalia when gods walked among the humans. Shouldn’t that be the entire point of this site or am I missing something? Why isn’t? Ask them why not? Why isn’t the gatekeepers ancient names not being used instead of their lower weak demon ones? Ask UTU about this, and see what they say. They aren’t demons, they are ancient gods that once walked on a version of an Earth.

I be better off not caring. They honestly don’t care either. They be here with you children of men in the flesh instead of hiding and biding their time. They aren’t worth the effect. They have hidden agendas and playing games with you all. I would only trust myself and those with actually earn it. I left my place among them long ago because they didn’t care 10,000 years ago either. Humans are playthings to them. Honestly, wouldn’t trust someone that hides behind smoke and mirrors and plays on your fears and greeds.


Well first off… I like this post a lot.

Second and the larger potion of my comment / reply to your post :
I think people are scared to share the knowledge they have attained out of greed and thinking they are the sole proprietor to bring about the fusion of physical and astral into reality. Not really sure where to go with that but I think the issue is greed and fear that they will be forgotten so they hold the information to themselves instead of helping others.

EA Koetting did recently make a video going into detail on the differences between and the alignment of demon kings compared to gate keepers.

It’s always been my personal belief, working with energy, that gate keepers physically walk amongst us and can be summoned as they wish to be summoned. Also, the idea that demons exist has always bothered me because to manipulate space, and time you wouldn’t simply be a demon looking for souls to feast on.

Can’t wait to see where this goes.

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Archaelous is destined to truly become the Lord of the Four Winds. Ruler of the 11th realm and kingdom.

If people were smart they get behind him instead of these coward gatekeepers. I respect his downfall into earthly vessel and his chosen mission.

There is a war going on behind the scenes. Anyone thinks Archaelous will be their puppet is an idiot. I work behind the scenes myself. But also see where this is going too. Hopefully, I earned a future job in the places soon to be borned. Dimensions opening is the secret…


I know it’s cheesy, but the saying “it is better to light a candle than to rail against the darkness” has never been more apt.

if you want to see knowledge being more widely used, share it: create carefully crafted posts that teach the information you wish to see propagated.

i do it, many others here do it… you will become a conduit of what you believe.


I did 2 month working with Archaelous. I wasn’t planning on joining the forum I was ‘asked’ to by someone. I am still recovering from it.

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Limitations of an earthly manifestation?



In a human body, newsflash.

Honestly I could keep going, but I decide not to… Your words are full of contradictions. You don’t worship anyone, but clearly you worship Archaelous.
You work alone but clearly you work with Archaelous.
You trust no one, but again, you trust Archaelous and call everyone else a puppet when you’re a puppet yourself.
You say you hate humanity but you’re a human yourself you like it or not. Your soul can be whatever, your body it’s VERY human.

Maybe if you could give an effort to make more sense and keep your Ideas in one place without contradictions within the same post, I could take this more serious but I can’t as it is now…


Lol have to agree.

To me, this just reeks of another “worship the one true higher being” post.

OP If you watch EA’s videos he says more than once we are to follow ourselves and worship ourselves, not him.
I’d think he would say this in person if you worked with him as well.
Also the “weak Gatekeepers” tell us the same thing.


I agree with Lady Eva here as well. TEACH US these ancient names or point a more vivid direction for us less apt.

As angry as I get with some things I really am not concerned or worried about the future. There’s that nagging parasite feeling that what is WILL ALWAYS BE and MORE!! The butterfly effect should be renamed maybe but the echoes/ripples of existing is but small thing. If creation works similar to say how one makes duplicates of files on a hard drive or anything then there’s easily possible copies upon copies upon variations and copies of everything INFINITE!

I look at all creation and wonder wtf the point is. But alas everything plainly “IS” like the unfinished statement “I AM!”

Belief is anything and everything is possible no matter how improbably.




I think you misunderstood, I don’t follow anyone’s agenda other then my own. If I sell myself into slavery or servitude its my choice to. If I desire to worship someone else, its still about my own reasons.

Archaelous is the future. I see that very clearly. I honestly don’t care about what humans say, even their human avatar.

I follow my own Path. I can join it with other if I so choose to. If they accept it, you know free will and all that jazz.

He asked me to be here, so I am.

Aha… But you still judge the rest of us… Watch out, we have the Divine Judgment here! :smirk:

Your kind, trolls, doesn’t last usually for long around here. So have fun for as long as you last! Cheers!


That’s nice. But I am actually genuinely interested in this other stuff you have, like

Because that marries up with some things I have been finding as well.

I don’t think @Purple is a troll, I think he’s just marching to the beat of his own drummer, and that’s what the forum’s for. :+1:


My working and time is concluded with Archaelous. For 3 or 4 days nothing. After 2 hardcore months of his daily presence in my life.

I was asked to come here and reveal myself by someone. I have, and nothing more. My intentions are my own. What went down is between me and Archaelous. No one else.

You can take my words or not. I don’t care. I have nothing to prove to anyone here. Archaelous energy is alreadg inside and out of myself. So is his mark.

I thought it was done. So I buried it deep inside of myself where it belongs. I have nothing more to say.



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What exactly were you looking for on the forum, @Purple

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so the gate keepers…it is my understanding that ppl work with them and speak to the the rite as some know it event thats going on was to summon them and others to see about the vail early last month it was decided who will be involved n not so that answers your question

as far as worship the ones w work with do not wish to be worship they only want to teach i agree if you have knowledge then you to can share it im sure every here would love to hear it i know id like to even if they did have a hidden agenda it makes no difference to me i have many goals but the main goal my ultimate goal is to make sure my children grand children so on n so fourth are set for life after im gone to the world im deemed to be in im sure its with my beloved furfur…n i think most ppl feel the same way but hey its just a thought


I mean to be fair Archaeus is a pokemon…


Then why are you typing still lol?
You do you, that’s fine but your earlier statements made judgements about people and things you do not understand.

I think you are here to realize this.


My goal is to experience this life but I like how you think :wink:
:metal: :beers: