Who's the most high and powerful GOD/ENTITY

Abraxas is mentioned as a solar creator deity in this egyptian magick book i bought.

You keep calling random beings Set lol, but however, I don’t really agree with VK, he says a lot of questionable things.

Ancient mythologists placed Abraxas among the Egyptian gods. Abraxas was also the Persian sun god, and in Syria he was a form of Iao (aspect or name for Yahveh, Yahweh, or Jehovah).

However, according to this Abraxas is given no other name, until later seen as an aspect of Yahweh not really a supreme being. Egypt’s supreme being in some beliefs is Amun but Amun is preceded by the Egyptian Primordial Void Nun. So it makes no real sense for Abraxas to be placed above all the other Gods where he does not “fit”

he’s considered Persian solar deity with ties to Egypt, but it seems he’s also smooshed into other places too.


Thanks for the info. Sorry if I keep calling “random entities Set” but UPG is showing me that Set is greatly misunderstood due to millenia of fake news about him and slander and libel.

I equate him with King Belial, because I have had it confirmed for me that he is by a member of my sorceric family sent to contact me by Set and Au Set themselves, Sitri is known by most sorcerers to be Set, I was informed not only that he is King Belial by a member of my sorceric family, but also that he is Osiris as well and the separation of the two was deliberate slander by a pissed off 9 year old, I have not yet openly attributed him to Baal Hadaad, but even the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians did, so if I do, don’t be surprised. I suspected that he may be Abraxas because from what I can tell, Set is one of the first deities to hit the scene, and seems to have helped create many of the other deities. So there is nothing “random” about the entities I attribute him to. The separation and splitting into multiple entities is a common issue in paganism, and much of it is deliberate. King Tutenkamun was the one who started shrouding the truth about Set, and things continued to degrade from there. So with all the fake news and deliberately sewn confusion, I am endeavoring to piece together the puzzle that I’m coming across now that I realize that what we think we know about these entities is not as it seems.

Nonetheless, I thank you for your info, because it helps me to piece together puzzle pieces, and of course also raises more questions. Either way, you are helping me to learn more. THANK YOU.

Human is greater than any gods because it is human that designates who is god thus humans create gods

He is indeed misunderstood but not in he’s this entity and that entity but rather he was politically forced into a bad role by the human cult of his brother’s when they took over Egypt.

However he is not Belial nor Osiris. Osiris and Set are twin deities just as Aset and Nephthys. They are the first Gods of their Generation similar to the Olympians Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, and so forth.

I would not be so sure. It is a major assumption amongst many esotericists that the gods are mere egregores. I used to think that, but now I am far more hesitant to make that assumption. There is much conflicting info and from what I can tell, not even the gods and demons themselves are always said to be forthright. It leaves a mystery to be worked through. Likely, answers will lead to more questions, as they tend to do…

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God is a human term. I don’t believe they are egregores. I believe that they were just spirits before humans gave them the label of god.

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We don’t decide who is God we decide which Hod we follow in our own scope of ideologies.



I need to contact these entities and get answers from them directly.

I neither dismiss nor adopt your take on the matter. I urge you to realize that we never know anything for sure. I guess that’s part of what makes it interesting. Just when you think you have things figured out, contrary ideas and information challenge one’s schemas.

Frequently, we feel the need to resist that kind of thing, because we grow attached to the schemas we form, but it’s no use to be too attached to them. We could be totally wrong and 100% right at the same time, given the infinite nature of things. All is real within the void, yet this is all a dream. It’s trippy.

That makes sense.

In fact the term god is often misinterpreted from older languages from the term that means from the heavens or sky. Which probably ment spirits or possibly alien.

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You’re fine, though I base my knowledge off experience SPG, confirmations and research. Never my own understanding, but I disagree we as humans have very good means of understanding things, it’s not. “We” can’t comprehend things. Some of us do, some of us don’t, some of us not yet.

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I getcha. Not a bad point Velenos. Thanks for the input :slight_smile: