Who's the most high and powerful GOD/ENTITY

Then you’ll bring your feedback.to this forum

I’m not being glib or facetious here…

You are.

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Are you Helen of Troy that’s who that is @anon48079295

Aha ok ! :+1:t5:

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Ceiling Cat is the Most High. We all know this, but are just too scared to admit it. :smirk_cat:


I mean you can try but remember your most high isn’t mine which mine doesn’t exist lol

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I sent you a message

:joy_cat: agreed!!! One of my cats go so high, I started calling her “universe”…

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You Are… (literally…you are the Source of all, the one Cosmic source of all things…the cosmic Self, which we all share in oneness and equality)


God (probably from the Christian Bible)

But multiple sources exist so it makes this grand gesture moot :joy: and we all don’t share the same source lol

Easy there with the insults please, you do nothing to aid your own arguments by resorting to nthis kind of thing.


Imagine that you are this God.
A God that eats paradoxes, a God that is infinite, al-knowing and almighty.
Imagine that everything that you will, becomes.

How long would it take you to create places where you can entertain yourself with?
Say a game where you can be a hero and there is a villain; but you are God, you must not use your powers or you will obviously win the game by default, eliminating the purpose and entertainment. So, you create rules, rules like forgetting how to cast spells, use weapons, etc.

After God played the hero for 2 billion times, perhaps he wishes to play as the villain for a while.
What about a baker game? How long until he decides to play: magic.check as a player?

What makes you think I am not an NPC? perhaps since God can play outside time, none of us are NPCs.

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It was a joke lol.
Dean. Supernatural the movie was on his previous reply




It was the decepticons… How deceptive.

@magic.check on a serious note I think it all depends on you the person and what YOU believe. When doing any ritual i am at the center of all of creation, nothing else comes into existence (my spacial terms of reality) without my command and authority. I call upon the names of different Gods, in particular we’ll go with the solomonic traditions not that I cant do it without them but in the sense that I have the supreme authority of them to do so, that I look upon all of creation beneath me and I can change it at my will. Spirits, demons, angels, gods can help push you and others in a direction but as the operator you’re the one driving the magickal car
:oncoming_automobile: :sparkles:


The one with less morals.

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Honestly, You, if you try hard enough, and not you, if you try hard enough, and everyone, if you try hard enough, and no one if you try hard enough

jesus this world has too many dimensions to answer questions anymore. like i’m like duhruhrr hurr but what if

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Flame bait hoo!

I know Set is one of the more ancient of the gods and is probably WAYY more powerful than most realize. I jave also heard sun gods and goddesses are quite powerful. Then there is Abraxas, who VK Jehannum says is the… Oh what dis he call it? Supreme being supersoul
Thats it. He said Abraxas originated as an Egyptian deity. If that is true, he is likely Set. Interesting…