Who's the chaotic creator god EA mentions in the Mastering DIvination course?

So early on in EA’s Mastering Divination course, he mentions a massive evocation he performed back in 2001:

The only deity I know that sounds similar is the Vodoun creator god Bondye, but that name literally means “Good God”, and this chaotic creator deity sounds anything but good. :joy: Any ideas who this might be?


Demiurge maybe?

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:thinking: i think he actually mentions this briefly in one of his videos that came out in the last month. Don’t remember which one unfortunately :confounded:

Could be. I thought that the Demiurge just pretended to be the true Creator in order to usurp authority over its creation, though. :thinking:

Ah, dammit. I’m slowly but surely catching up to the most recent EA vids. Started like four months or so ago with his oldest videos and I’m up to about midway through the Viking Vlogs. :rofl:

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I’m kinda all over the place on his vids. Depending on what i am working on I’ll be drawn to certain stuff same with the dozen or so othwr channels i follow :laughing: