Who's Rich

“If you want to get rich, you start a religion.”

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard


I never did money magick til i became unable to walk more than 3 feet without needing something to help me let alone just standing. The Ability for me to make money always hinged on my ability to physically go out there and make the money but what do you do when you cant back the magick up physically? Well lemme tell ya how i handle this problem personally: First off i removed the programming i had in my head that stated magick needs physical actions to back it up instead i filled that space with " magick suits my needs no matter the method or state of my being". In english i quit thinking I HAD TO PHYSICALLY DO SOMETHING, Instead i chose to rely on my Spirit guides/helpers to bring to me what i required, now most of the time im not gonna lie it wasnt money i got but people willing to forgo my payments till i was able to physically work or get the aid to pay them. This may sound lazy for some people, but what would YOU do if you couldnt walk or stand? As with all things You have to roll with the punches and magick has no rules only YOU have rules when you change them and i mean really change them by reprogramming the way you believe the magick makes adjustments for you.Am i rich hell no wish i was am i eating are my bills payed yes. do i want more than that HELLS YES I DO! So then how do i get more?, I keep lighting my candles i keep sending my wishes out to the universe i USE WHAT I HAVE AVAILABLE TO ME and so should you. This is all i can honestly say concerning this as it is a new path to myself as well concerning money magick but i also employ the method of Fulfillment that is I Believe with everything in me that i already have what i wantt and sure enough slowly but constantly the universe provides, but you have to believe and you have to be constant in your approach.


^ Underrated point IMO, the potential for grief of various kinds for anyone who claimed to have a reasonably reliable method of becoming rich by magick would be immense.

Every few months someone has a meltdown on here about how they can’t handle their inbox being full of requests for help, which I understand, though advise a short sharp lesson in assertiveness and boundaries.

Someone who claimed to basically have the golden goose (or even be that grand creature) is likely to run into all kinds of problems.

My advice:

  • got a mentor who is invested in your success and will help you retain basic security, so you can study and practice until you’re capable of branching out alone

  • use all kinds of money magick and stack them, again having a spirit to mentor you and avoid clashes helps

  • study the Law of Attraction, this is widely misunderstood as being about “wishful thinking” but it’s NOT, it’s VERY much about becoming the living god of your own creation instead of an unthinking blunderer - read The Kybalion and The Secret, and all of Napoleon Hill’s works

  • try new things, what works well for one person may not be for you no matter what, learn when to stop flogging a dead horse and when you cut your losses.

Also, get good at managing the money you have, and with that last comment I sense a granny lecture coming on, so will stop right there! :smile:

To answer the OP, I’m richer than most of the world, but then so are most people on here, magick (methods stated above) has made my life considerably more materially comfortable than it would have been otherwise.


Would you care to elaborate on your system? I am interested.

Not to mention, a witch friend advised me about this the other day, and watch crime documentaries to drive the point home …
If you’re rich and have the wrong people around you, the greater chance you might get murdered. After they somehow get ahold of your money that is.

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I don’t like being poor or depending on others, but when I made a lot of money, I spent all that money on the wrong things.


Yyeesssssssssssss. It’s more effective when your back isn’t against the wall. Planning for long term financial stability is more effective than waiting until you’re about to get kicked out for not having enough to pay the rent and desperately casting.


I wouldn’t say I’m “rich” but we do live comfortably and I do have a lot of emotional wealth in my life. I used demons to help me in my career and cast strategic spells of favor to help me along the way. I have tried “money spells” but never really saw much outcome from them. Instead I use magick to strengthen my fortitude to persevere through difficult times that will further me in life (like when I was in my Masters program). I also used magick to help make me look more attractive to my Master’s program. I used demons to help focus my studies in my field and find me mentors to guild me through the obstacles along the way. I used magick to obtain a job in a field that I love that will also further my career.

I’ve tried lottery spells too. Those obviously didn’t work. :wink: What I have learned from all this is that it is up to me to become “rich” and satisfied in life and magick will help me get there if I play my cards right and try not to focus on material things. They will come with hard work.


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I am incredibly rich!!!

Oh you mean financially? I’m getting there, had some deamonic assistance in money management and working on making seeds to grow income.


Anyhoo who knew horses were bred not only for speed,fences,and supermarket burgers but for also for sarcasm…

Come on humans it’s a bit naff asking who’s rich.

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I’m definitely getting there, and it’s starting to manifest more quickly every day. My film career is finally taking off.



Do you want to get rich? Look into active dreaming by Robert Balthazar. You can modify your life by working on yourself in your astral dream world. It will manifest later on in our 3D physical world :smiley:

I’m constantly forgetting to do reality checks lol. If you want to get lucid that’s certainly a must. You have to like 20 per day. So keep checking if you are dreaming every 30-60 minutes.

  • turn off/on the lights
  • read something close your eyes, then read it again, if you’re dreaming you will read something different.
  • check the back of your hands and count your fingers

Before every reality check, ask yourself: am I dreaming? Ask yourself that constantly and you could write down every night before sleep: tonight I am going to have a lucid dream. Or say it 100 times before you fall asleep.


Is it Robert Balthazar or Robert Moss? I can only find that title by the latter?


I’ve been told the best way to do it is with sea spirits, a sorcerer told me they’re the best to work with when it comes to money, he said the groetia might help a little but sea spirits give high amounts of money, unfortunately I don’t live near a river or anything like that so I can’t try. If you can find one near you give it a try but sea Goddess are different depending on the location and you kind of have to make a connection in order for them to help you.

In my personal story i can’t go out to find a job so there was a time when I really needed the money, I’m good with tech but not a hacker lever. Still my God found me a way to make good money from my own home.


Could ya tell us who you’d recommend and how? Please and thank you?

I would love to know how youre manifesting it?:slight_smile:

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I would like to know am I rich…

This is absolutely a necrobump, but I’m glad to see people mentioning the Law of Attraction, as I’m rather attached to that concept and it’s 100% worked for me in nearly every aspect of my life.

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