Whos really good with tarot?

Can someone please make me a tarot reading ? I never had one in my life so i just wanted to see the outcome…

Your future looks dismal. Why do you want to know what a reading would look like when you admit to being a slave. You don’t need a tarot reading to know your outcome. I would suggest growing a larger pair of balls. Take care of business.

The tarot reading is to be sure of something…

Two card insight for you:
Nythra/Ga Wath Am

I’d say you are on your way to death, mainly of delusions and attachment to them. That will natrually make your true will and desires much more clear. A possible chance at something positive, a path that you should be on.

Thank you Undeadgod333, sorry I wouldn’t indulge Sunas with a reading, I was being an ass, and I was hoping Sunas’ common sence would kick in. I was figuring Sunas wouldn’t need divination. Divination can only point the way and a possible future. It takes ambition and courage to follow through to make a better future happen. Sunas, do you have these qualities?

Yes it feels to be that way, i think of my death as something positive. The sooner i am dead the sooner it means i have learned everything i need. I just had an urge to change my current life path, not spiritual, just where i live and what i do…it was quite quickly solved as i was given a great opportunity to do exactly what i want to do and i am moving sometime end of september…I think whatever more positive that can come, comes from there. From this change, but i also feel that this change not only is positive but it will bring me closer to death too as i know that i will mostly disappear as a human and when i am left alone and look at who i am, i am nothing and i will have no longer reasons to remain human, thus, death. Sounds good!! Thank you UndeadGod333!

Oh i do have many qualities! Those included :smiley: ThankZ

Temperance, pulled one card for you…Quite fitting if you read up on the meaning(s) associated with it…

yEs quiTE feetteeNG ! Thank you Sinata ! !

I drew three cards that seem to corroborate with the other readings along with what you’ve previously mentioned about where you’re heading.

The Fool - The Tower - Abundance

You continue your path to the edge of the cliff – regardless of the warnings of others. You know where you are going – The Tower – and yet that is where you want to go. Ruin. You are getting exactly what you want – not more, not less. Possibly something about what you will get afterwards.

Yes, since i have made this post my doubts seem to have been cleared, not only by you but also by the spirits that surround me ( they probably got to the fact that i was getting desperate enough to get these answers so they made me have them ). It was really really helpful you all! Thankz a bunch! I won’t forget :smiley:
And PyreOD . . It is not Ruin…
It is something much better then ruin :wink: in some point you are right though i need to completely ruin the little left of my humanity…