Whom could it be? (And update on my situation)

A lot has changed with me last time I was here. I was recording hymns for Asmoday, Belial, Paimon, Bael, and then everything went chaotic. I took down the songs from the Internet and have lost the files which I regret greatly. I will work towards re-recording them in the future if I have the energy and strength to do so, It’s a lot of hard work. However, during this time my mental health declined out of nowhere, and was absent for quite some time. I have truly been to hell and back, and even now I am still dealing with the curse of my insanity. Just out of curiosity, I was working with Archangel’s sigils aswell at the time, do you believe they conflict with their demon counterpart? Anything to do with my breakdown? I’m not sure.

When I was in hospital, I was convinced It was a bad aboriginal spirit within me, but I am not sure now obviously. I’ve dealt with some chaotic magick as I worship Pazuzu dearly and am very loyal to his statue. I think you may have to be a little crazy from the get go to deal with such spirits and chaos magick. There may be a massive price you pay sometimes, for what you want… can come at a very heavy cost. (For I have seen his spirit, and his red eyes in shadow upon walls, and even possessed freely which was an amazing experience.) In some sense, I got what I wanted from the occult, belief! But where do I go from here?

At the moment, my altar is not quite ideal. I find myself at the crossroads a little. I have statues of Michael and Raphael, along with cherubs and so forth. But I obviously don’t find myself a christian in the sense. The only demonic item I have left is Ronove’s sigil, with my blood powered through it.

Since I’ve came out of hospital, I’ve had dreams of the future which now those events have already happened, and I had another fight with a dear friend. I woke up today, with sounds of someone cooking in the kitchen, it felt like it was my grandma or my mum who aren’t obviously in the house and they told me to get up in which I didn’t. But as soon as I heard ‘Sup’ in my ear, I was alerted and knew something was connecting with me. It could be Ronove, as his sigil is here, and is a day spirit, but who knows? Or a spirit conjuring the dead?

Welcome back

Unlikely, many people deal with both- and at the same time, however the process of awakening can make a person literally feel as if they are going insane.

Night or day hasn’t mattered to any spirit I’ve worked with to date, but your mileage may vary.

If you think it was Ronove, I would either ask him to visit your dreams, ask for a sign that it was him or get into working with him/her.

Before you do, make sure you learn to ground and banish first. You just returned home, there is no telling what could have entered the home while you were gone, and maybe have even been there to begin with, furthering your mental health issue. I’ve read about parasites that effected others mental health so, while I don’t usually jump to that as a first thing, being that you already heard something, it seems strange to me that an encounter coincided with your return. Ronove could reach no matter where you are, so you being home shouldn’t have incited the encounter unless its coincidence imop. But being home would put you back in range of anything in the else.

So regardless of what’s there or reaching out to you, for your mental health’s sake- the next thing you need to do, before you do anything else is find a system of banishing and grounding that you can commit to.

Thanks for your reply, I think where I am living at the moment theres a lot going on in this house and in the future I really need to move out. For now, I will do what I can for banishing.