Whoever wants to be a slave of course no one wants

I once heard a sorcerer from Yemen say in a press interview, He was in spite of the presence of money and strength in his life, but he was always afraid and tired.

He was talking about many experiences at different times, And he added that this field is more tiring, and that you do not know what to do and for whom you work, where and when you will arrive.

I am not trying to raise suspicions or problems, All I want is knowledge and truth, and for this purpose this community was created.

He only counted worse parts tho.And not everyone lives in Yemen.

The geographical location does not matter, Also, the man told the truth and took out his sleeve.
I am not here to defend him, but here I ask to know.

It does matter.Dont be ridiculous.And I already said he counted the worst parts, not he lied


As @Vandheer said , it does matter, since different cultures have different kinds of practices


Whatever he says, he talks about his personal experience, Perhaps he woke up and blamed his conscience.
In fact, he was doing things very filthy as he said.
I just wanted to know if he was right or was lying, I now see the answers and benefit.

Yes, it is true. It is not related to the geographical location or culture in that region. Rather, it is related to several matters, the most important of which are practices and the method that he chooses.

I’d say If he was a slave it was probably his fault. Many religions worships spirits. They give offerings, and strive to gain the spirits favor.

The example I’m going to give is the same as I usually do.

Voodoo. Any of the mainstream voodoo practices Insist you can only work with the loa after initiation. Only a priest or priestess can tell you who your met tal (personal guide) is. Some believe you absolutely must make offerings any time you wish to work with them, you should pray to them and devote yourself to them.

I have worked with the loa daily since mid December. My initiation was test issued by Baron Samedi himself. My invite to the current came from him and and Baron Samedi. I asked legba to open the crossroads to me, and have followed my own path since.

Most major religions aren’t that different. Most have an important figure you must worship. Most encourage us to good rather than evil or face the consequences in the after life and most have other spirits in the pantheon such as demons and angels. Good and bad. Most of them think they are the only religion that will see heaven. I’m sure there are many I don’t know the details and fine print on that do not fit this, but the big ones I can think of do. Many of these are even confused in their mainstream claims of their own religion.

Hell I’ve found ties and links to five Native American tribes that heavily influenced the early vodoun slaves from Nigeria. I keep telling my boyfriend I feel like it originated in ancient Egypt. I’m not sure what the span of ancient Egypt was, perhaps it was as far as Nigeria or perhaps I’m just a bit off, but I’ve said that from day one and now research is showing I’m not too far off at least. These Native American tribes included the Cherokee and Choctaw. My mother was about half Choctaw and my fathers mother was full Cherokee. I’m not black but if my ancestors helped influence the mainstream… perhaps it is in my blood.

Maybe it’s past lives, or maybe I’m mother fcking special and attracted them all on my own, gaining their interest. I have no flipping idea. I keep asking and they keep saying: dig more.

Why most of them have similarities like this? Idk. I keep digging. I think it’s the front the spirits use to get people to willingly worship them. Granted this is personal gnosis that I have yet to find all the pieces to. Why do the spirits encourage us humans to worship them like this… is it for energy? Is it because they become stronger the more me worship them? Is it something I can’t perceive yet?

The other thing is many of the spirits overlap from one religion or pantheon to another. Obviously not all of them but it’s curious indeed.

At any rate. My test came down to proving I was the operator. My boyfriends was the same, however his was dramatic, scary etc and mine was just funny. I’ve been doing this longer. When I was approached while intoxicated I was like yeah right. Your not possessing me, I’m the operator and your staying in your own little box. I laughed but even in a slightly impaired state I was in control.

If someone’s a slave to the spirits I believe it’s because the lost sight of who is the operator.

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No one has ever said magick was easy, or that it will make your life comfortable with no effort on your part, because it is not, and it won’t. Since man first started communing with the gods, spiritual work has been difficult, and dangerous, and not something to be entered lightly just to get laid or to get a couple of bucks.

Shamans were literally sometimes forced against their will to be the chosen one for their people. Once the spirits chose the unlucky sod, if he didn’t want to be a shaman, they would make him deathly ill until he changed his mind (this was known as “shaman sickness.”)


Thank you for these clarifications :heart_eyes:

@DarkestKnight I see you down there replying. Fix my typos cuz I’m too lazy to go to my computer puuuhhhhhlzzzeee.

Just kidding. Actually curious to see if my answer makes any sense after our previous short chat.

I’m always hoping someone will elucidate me, and Aid me on this knowledge journey I travel.

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Very good, thank you :+1: :heart_eyes:

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The economic and social reality of the place determines whether people have access or not to learn and practice, there are places where there is no internet, books are not sold anywhere, etc


This may be one of the reasons, And it can be linked to backwardness.

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Some people will be born in a village and learn whatever system the village accepts and live like that all their lives, which is more likely in some places than in others. Probably if I was born in a Russian town, I would have been Orthodox all my life (it is a half-joke I always tell)

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Yes that’s right