Whoah there

So yeah I know this giuy whose kind of an idiot. He’s been contemplating suicide because he got banned from an online forum a couple years ago. Yeah I know it’s too retarded for words (even more then you think since he’d spend his time there debating stuff like if superman could beat goku), but despite his idiocy he’s still kind of a freind. So I called my demon buddy up to try to smack some sense into him the other weekend.

Anyway the day after that his grandpa died, I was a little worried my demon buddy may have offed his grandpa in an attempt to snap him out of his funk, but when I askedthe demon, the feeling I got was he didn’t kill him. Yet I do have a feeling that event may play into this guy seeing how flawed his actions are. But it is interesting how the timing worked out though, I still don’t really know how this effected him in relation to his problem however, he does seem upset. Anyone have any opinions on this?

Well I don’t see how losing a grandpa would make a suicidal person feel any better, so I doubt it was the demon.

Well I was thinking it might make him realise that the thing he was depressed a about was really dumb when stuff like that could happen, that was my reasoning behind thinking that could have possibly been the case. Though I did specify he not do anything he knows I wouldn’t approve of and I wouldnt have approved of taking out an innocent guy to prove a point.

Sometimes our own actions are dictated by things that need to happen. So you wanting to help your friend could have coincided with the timing of his grandfather dying. By you having your demon ally giving emphasis to things in your friend’s life, the death of his grandfather was able to act as a catalyst for the current of change. Without you providing a simultaneous push, the death (which could well have been immanent) might have had no cathartic benefit.

So, while you as the evoker wanted to steer events for your friend’s life, the currents of life steered you to make that push for him simultaneously. The two events, the death and your push, were drawn together to become something more.

Makes sense to me as a possibility.

Hmm…I’m pretty sure goku would win by a landslide :wink: