Who would you work with?

I need help with the small business I currently own, school, and money to start a new, unrelated business. My business currently is not doing so well, but I don’t want some quick cash. I want financial stability. I feel like working with Bune is my best bet, since he can bring wealth. However, I mostly find myself interested in Belial (for no particular reason). I simply feel like he pops up the most and is often the one I mostly find myself reading about. This could be him calling me? I have also considered Lucifer since he is supposedly very novice friendly (by the way I am a BEGINNER). Can someone please shed some light as to who could be my best option.


If King Belial is constantly popping up maybe he wants to help you? I’d suggest asking him for a specific sign and if he gives it to you then he can help you.


Yes. I work intimately with both. They actually like to work togethor at times. But this depends if you have a proper relationship with them for them to then have a working Duo relationship with you.

Call upon Bune with the proper offerings and sacrifices as she is generally friendly. Belialnlike I said may work closely with her so may be why you see him alot when calling her. I think it depends on what your doing will determine who you need help from. My recommendations are Bune first then Belial later, but still pay respects to Belial with offerings.

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