Who would you evoke for a new place?

Hey guys,
So I really just am not happy with my current living situation and would like a larger place. Which entity would you recommend that can help me get the place I want for the price I want? Any advice out there?



Working with Belial helped me buy a duplex that I both live in and make money from. He’s who I would recommend

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You can try The Greek Hestia Or Roman Vesta as they are Goddesses of Home & Hearth :slight_smile:


Isn’t Hekate a goddess of the house?

Thanks… i think i will go with Belial then as he has come through quickly with everything i have asked and with :zap:speed. Appreciate the inputs


@Fallen_Angel Hekate is more the protector of the house, her statue is used for magick and protection of the house from other practioners of magick.

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Understood, she is my matron. But this is a little old.