Who works with the heart? (Physically)

Got some not so good news early this morning.

My father is having trouble with his ticker. He has an appointment tomarow to find out what is exactly going on. So at the moment I don’t know much.

Him and I have a lot of unfinished business between us and I don’t plan on letting him leave the realm of the living any time soon, till it is taken care of.

So I know quite a few Angeles can help me with this.

I just want to know if any of you have any other entities to recommend?

I will be popping on and off today, so if I don’t respond right away that is why.

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If you get to a point where none else works try this.

Essentially your father’s potential issue could be a parasite. What you can attempt to do is vampyre out any issues he has and then ground it in the vessel.

Just be mindful, if it is a nasty spirit it can harm you so take precautions if you try this.


Thank you for the information.

Nergal repels diseases. May not be a parasite. Not everything is a result of magickal cause.


Thank you. Yes as far as I know at the moment this is not magical.

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He is Babylonain, right?

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Off the top of my head:

  1. Green calcite, and rose quartz

  2. Hawthorn has a herbal medicine effect

  3. Copper used as in crystal healing with pure copper underneath the heart (laid on the chest wall outside, and below where his heart is nearer the abdomen)

  4. This old classic: Raphael mantra - success story - the heart’s easy to visualise

  5. Shamanic journeying to his heart (you journey to the person and enter them, it will probably look a bit like being inside the Statue of Liberty if it was made of glass, and you walked around inside) and ask it what it needs, remember doctors play the numbers and are groping in the dark trying to find the most likely causes and then apply the most widely-accepted solutions, but you can ask his heart itself.


Wow thank you for all this info! Will defintly give number 5 a shot!

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Serrapeptase enzymes can reverse atherosclerosis. Nattokinase is good too. Both also act as blood thinners to a degree. Cayenne pepper can help rejuvenate the heart. Cayenne tea or cayenne tincture has been known to halt heart attacks within seconds.


Awsome info thank you!

You could see if Raphael and marbas can work together to aid in reveling and correcting the issue. You could also see if they have any specific rituals that you can do in tandem with them to work in concert with them to create synergy.


That’s a wonderful suggestion! Thank you.

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