Who worked with Deggal?


Today I summoned Deggal by repeating his name again and again, seeking contact.
I entered in T/G and have been pulled in a sort of old room in a ancient house. Here was a young man. He was blond mid hair, dressed like a cool guy (jean, tee shirt, green street wear jacket).
His eyes were black, surrounded by a yellow circle.
My first thought was "wow. he doesnt seem like an angel at all. He seems more like a predatory demon …"
His attitude was full of arogance.
I asked “Deggal?” he answered yes.
Deggal is supposed to be able to surround you with a white light which will "manifest one’s greatest qualities and exemplify the Godliness within. Such is the influence of the covering of light that all who see the magician within will inquire of his name and will seek after his presence."
I planned to use his power to a professional task I have to accomplish tomorrow.
So I asked him if he would assist me.
He smiled. The picture faded out.
but as I was coming back in my room, I asked again "will you help me being brillant tomorrow ? so that people congrats me and seek my presence?"
His face appeared a last time, with this two dark eyes, and he told me “Yes I will.”

I really have been surprised by this contact, because this entity doesnt fit at all with Deggal description.
Has someone here already worked with him ?
If yes, how does he appeared ?

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How did things go the next day? Did He assist you? Does he really look like that?

That was 4 years ago. Is he still posting?

Don’t really know. I just read it recently. I was hoping he was still on this forum, and would eventually respond.