Who was that.. baelzebub?

About 7 years ago when i was 17 years old before i started to practice magic and dig into occult. I had a experience with something i still dont know.

So on my old adress i was liveing with my parents and brother. I and my bro we had one room so we was sleeping in the same place. But that night my stepfather was working on night shift.

My brother is younger than me and he wanted to sleep with our mom. Ok i went to sleep, in the same night when i was alone in our room. I woke up i didnt knew why i just woke up just like that.
We had white walls and behind window we had street lantern

And when i woke up i automatically look up ( i was sleeping near a wall ) like i felt i have to look up on the wall. And i saw weir huge mosquito like being. I remebmer it to this day. It had big insect legs maybe about 10 cm ? I want to describe it how i remeber it. I cant remember the head but it was small rest of body was bigger. Four insect wings and large abdomen.

Literally it was blacker that shadow, like a coal.
It was similar to mosquito but much bigger. Like i said we had a lantern behind our window but it couldn’t be mosquito or fly. on this lantern even so then shadow of this insect would be fuzzy or invible.

It scared me off like i jumped out of my bed like burned. This shape didnt harmed me i havent nightmares i think this huge mosquito was just looking and observe me.

So i jumped out of my bed i have turn of light when i look at a time in my phone it was exactly 04:01. I was shakeing little wet. I couldnt sleep. Who was that what do you think it may could be baelzebub ? Or other being. I never saw this shadow again. I was wondering to try contact with baelzebub maybe i will someday.

I don’t think it was Beelzebub, No reason you shouldn’t or can’t try again. Just use good spiritual hygiene (banish & ward spiritual hygiene). Doing So will keep the imposters away so that you’ll be able to be sure what cones is what you want.

You might want to lookup threads on shadow people too since your description reminded me of them.

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