Who wants a Scan?

Hey,you write reply on mart 12,that i have three succubi,can i ask you for confirmation of this?@Vaynord

Sorry to disturb you guys… but i need a scan.

Im feeling numb. I wonder if something is damaged, or if i should stop working with some spirits.

idk what is going on.
I dont wanna whine too much, but i wanna know what is happening, and how i can fix it.

Thank you.:+1:… you are the only person who has replied.

I will repay the favour!

It’s no problem man! I hope you enjoyed the scan!

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Whoa, quite a number of posts…
I’d enjoy either a scan, or a critter check, if you please/if you have the time.


I would surely like a Scan :slight_smile:

I’d like a scan. Could you describe to me either who my best mentor/guide would be spirit wise or patron/guardian if you will? I know I’m inevitably work with someone in the long term but im struggling to decide or something? PMs if that isn’t a hassle for you.

Are we only allowed to ask for a scan once, or?

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Can you get me a scan of my financial future and ambitions in generating wealth?

Scan me

I’d love a scan

Sorry, but the OP was banned. If you want a scan, post in the main scanning thread.

@Lady_Eva , can this thread be closed?

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Hi please can I ask what is a scan - in this context ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

CAN anyone hook me up with a scan Need to look into a few things :slight_smile:

As was mentioned previously, the person that started this thread has been banned and requests for scans should be made here:

Can i get a scan of my family and my soul please

Sure Id like a scan

The user that created this thread is suspended.

Try the thread linked on queen mustangs post a lil further up.