Who to call upon for manipulating into getting a job?

So recently I almost landed this gig. It was going smoothly and I was set to work soon, my parents realized I could’ve gotten paid a little more for the work I am about to do and asked me to ask the employer if they were willing to pay me more. so, I asked my employer if they were willing to pay me x amount hourly. They kindly said no, and I said I understand and I still want to work for them.

It seems that the employer now feels otherwise in hiring me and seems to be looking for others while kind of ghosting me. Is there anyone I can call upon who can help me manipulate the employer into feeling like I’m still the right choice for their work, and to get back to me.

All this ignoring me and me now being unsure if I still work for the employer is giving me really bad anxiety and I’m unable to sleep as well. I’m kind of getting the feeling that they’re turned away from me and I want to make them sure again.

I am in the same situation and I asked Halah’thor for help.

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Sargatanas My suggestion is to be adept at manipulating a society and people, Tell her what you want specifically and watch.

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And how did that go? Did you evocate Halah’thor?

I’ll keep her in mind and research more before I evocate her. thank you.

I’m in the beginning of Evocation Masterclass of E.A. Koetting. I used the scrying method for getting internal contact with Him. I did this today so let’s see how it will go…

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Keep me updated for sure.

Ogun works as well.


Before that I did a Clauneck evocation from Wealth Magick of Damon Brand. I did this like said in the book, every day for 22 days time period. I asked Clauneck to help me with getting the job. On the other side of paper I was writing number of days passed. Then at 21st day the Company that logo was on my pen contacted me and invited me on interview. It went smoothly, but after a week, they said, they found someone else. I got pissed off.

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You’re welcome, you can see my success here, I’ve used it to manipulate and obsess over women, but I’m sure you can use it to manipulate your boss too, Dantalion king paimon and you can also call or petition these names, the decision is yours.


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Yeah that’s somewhat that’s happening with me. I was all set to work for the family I’m supposed to work for. And we were all so confident in one another but I think after I asked if the pay could be more they felt turned off. Nonetheless I was still down to work for them with the intended pay but they seem to be ignoring me and won’t give me a clear answer if I’m still hired or not…

I would go with King Paimon, personally.


This is amazing. I’ll have a look and go from there. Thank you sooo much

Considering I’ve never worked with King Paimon—how do you suggest I approach thee?

I’m definitely checking out Halah’thor. And I’ll let you know

The same way you would approach any spirit, with respect. He tends to be very direct and straight to business, so call him, and simply state your request. You’re looking for influence, not another job, and influence is the mighty king’s speciality.


You can petition King Paimon because he’s an expert and has almost a lot of talent, he helped me with the music.

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Awesome. The way you described

kinda gave me chills (in a good way)

Thanks DK you always come thru!

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Yeah. I’ve always been interested in working with King Paimon but never knew when would be the right time to call upon him. Thank you :slight_smile: