Who should I follow? It is hard to feel

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen.

My spiritual awakening began a year ago. It happened through Lilith, who appeared to me during a trance and followed me for the next 2 or 3 months. After that, I did not feel the presence or the contact of Lilith in my life, and I’m sure she left because her roll was done, she had already helped me with the things I needed to learn back then.

As a vampire, I still feel many Lilith’s characteristics and ideas surrounding who I am and what I think, but I’ve also made small contacts with Aphrodite, since I’m beggining to understand self love better. There was a dream in which someone said “Aphrodite” to me and I felt a bit shocked, but didn’t ignore that after waking up, so I do consider that as a sign of the goddess to myself.

With that in mind, I’m very confused about who I should actually do a contact ritual/evocation. I keep thinking that Lilith done so many things for me in such a short time, and I really liked her, but I’m always thinking about Aphrodite nowadays.

Would any of the goddesses get “jealous” if I tried to make a bonding with both of them? Is it time to leave Lilith for good and try new entities? Please, don’t answer things like “do whatever you feel it’s right”, because the FEELING part is actually the one that I’m not really sure about. I wanna love myself and gain self confidence to attract other people (having a strong aura etc), but I also love the shadow/sexual energy of Lilith. The sex is my weakness.

Any tips?

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You can work with both as long as each agrees


No, in my opinion there would be no jealousy between Lilith and Aphrodite. There are many goddess worshippers who work with both.

Each goddess can teach you something about love and sex from their distinct perspectives.