Who knows how to blog?

I have been wanting to get a blog going for some years now. i started one, just no matter how easy they make it; and read and read how to articles. I still screw up more than I make progress. Ijust had 3 pages written up which was kinda an Introduction to me Pact adventure, but i have wanted to insert some pics and images, the whole article was saved, then jit was gone.So the frustration is becoming a detriment to continue trying.
I know, someone can send me how to links, i probably have read them, but they are chinese to me. Youtube vids- worthless.
I have wanted to monetise the site- everyone seems to think there is money to be made; I don’t see how since I cannot even get what I want written viewable.

I would like to work on a project with someone, after all, they say 2 heads are better than one…(especially mine) not so much looking at making huge sums- which is highly doubtful, most ly just want to get good messages out there for people who may be starving in their current spiritual routine, and maybe “magick and such disaplines” may have what they want.

If someone wants to work together on a blog project feel free to hit me up and lets see if maybe we can see each others goals get brought to pass.

Most blogs are pretty easy to set up if you have some basic technical know-how. If you just want to start writing I know a lot of occult bloggers like to use tumblr, many use Wordpress and some may use Blogger and others some other format.

Blog posting is not too difficult compared to making posts on this forum, except you get tons of options depending on which blogging outfit you are using. Blogger is very user-friendly and easy to use once you get the hang of it.

People usually monetize a blog by the author allowing something like Google Ads to place relevant ads on the blog. This is a passive stream of income and can take some time before you begin to earn money and it is usually not that much to begin with.

The thing I would work on the most at the moment is increasing your writing skill. Also defining who your intended audience is and what kind of articles does this audience want to read.

Well the first thing is to never ever have the only copy of anything, even a long post for on here for example, be written on the site - if I’m writing one of my novels here :o) I always draft it in Word or even in a draft e-mail, that way I have a copy saved if my connection goes down or something.

For the rest I agree with Dagon, and technically, they’re not that complicated but you have to open your mind to a new way of thinking, and once it falls into place it all becomes easy.

I have been blogging for over 3 years now, sharing my experiences with my two ladies. Other people do the same, and by doing that we have our own small community to aid eachother and give support. And over the years, my blog had been visited by over 30k visitors in these years.

Wordpress is, in my opinion, an excellent tool to make your own blog. Great control over others response and a great customization tool to make a nice page.