Who is the entity that presides behind the phrase "mote it be"?

So I’m well aware that some pagans and more specifically “wiccans” or “freemasons” use the term “mote it be” to close out a prayer/rite… but is anyone aware of the deity invoked when this phrase is uttered aloud? Like… I’m sure you can say a hymn to cybele then end it with “so mote it be” since it’s like a different way of saying “amen”… but I feel under the insinuation or assumption that simply uttering the phrase itself holds a deity within the phrase. True?

It is a universal term with power behind the words .

Idk If this Hawaiian poem thing is true or not, but I’ve seen the theory a few times.

which entity would be giving it power?

I could never actually answer that , I doubt anyone can , the same way we can never know what powers rituals like The Star Ruby .

Look at it this way. Some prayers contain a shared “force”, but some sayings invoke a specific deity. I’m wondering is if saying “so mote ot be” could sound like an energetic mantra, but actually be a phrase centralized or representative to a specific god…

I don’t believe so , it might just be a kabbalistic formula , like “ AMEN” . If you vibrate these words , certain results can be seen , you could try reading The Key To The True Kabbalah by Franz Bardon, I’ve read the book and practiced it with successful results , you can find various explanations for what you’re asking there . The book explains what “ AMEN” means and what it causes . You can find explanations for what “ So Mote It Be means there also . Amongst other things related to words and formulae that lead to specific outcomes .


It may be a neutral/generic phrase such as one mentioned by an Italian author of magick: “This is what I want, what I can and what I command”; specifically in this one the entity is possibly the God self of the operator.

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I Agree. Your conscious will is the entity that presides behind the phrase.

So mote it be = My will be done