Who is the demon of masculine energy?

If Lilith would be the demonic feminine representation, who would be the masculine?

I wanted to choose Lilith as my matron only to realize under Belial’s guidance that I am myself very feminine and as a man it is the source of most of my insecure, anxious, lack of confidence problems and i need to explore deeper the masculine which I was always refraining from because of how patriarchal society runs things.

So I want to choose a patron who also represents masculinity as would be my alter-ego I guess.

I was wondering if it is Samael or someone else?



I think Azazel is very masculine feeling energy.


Thank you, I am exploring more about him

Hmm… Maybe Samael or Asmodeus or lucifer

How do i contact Samael? I saw there is no Enn for him.

The temple of ascending flames had a good one Temple of Ascending Flame
Look for lilith and Samuel pdf


I think that the answer is Samael

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Have you tried it? I remember when i tried it i didnt quite feel anything

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I recommend incorporaing blood into the workings

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I will try that. Actually yesterday i had a strong invocation of Belial and he gave me or led me to the answer that all my problems of lack of self-confidence, self-esteem, weak sexual libido, self-love are a result of me being way too much attuned to the divine feminine (as a male) since i saw the masculine in a very bad light because of how society is run and i was seeking to become more spiritual. But that answer made me understand that my alienation of masculinity is the source of my problems.

Now i seek to work on that and to find the perfect Demon for that and also to make him my patron (which is a question by itself of how to do it).

I don’t know how to invoke Samael, he has no Enn…


Well, you can prick your finger and smear your blood onto a incense. Then call upon Samael and light the incense. He will come and then you can ask him about his sigil.

When i drew blood from my finger and tried to make it drop on the incense i failed as it was just going down my finger so i just smeared on the incense (on a not burning side of it) so when the fire reach the smeared blood place, the incense just stopped from burning and i had to light it again several times.

Smear the blood into the tip of the incense before burning the incense, only couple drops of it on the incense is enough. Don´t try to make you blood drop onto the incense because I ´ve tried it myself and it´s annoying to do so.

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Oh, and while burning the incense, keep it in the fire for couple minutes more so that it catches fire

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And first burn the spot with your blood in it

So i will first draw blood and then smear the not yet burned incense stick tip with my blood and only then light it, right? And when i light it to hold it for few moments so that it will catch fire.

Having seen your other posts, I think your own assessment of your sexuality was little off. It is very difficult to manage both feminine and masculine running at full speed in a single body. I’m surprised why Lord Belial didn’t say to embrace your feminine instead.


Maybe, but if you get in touch with your masculinity, you know how to manifest qualities like that later on in your life if you need. I think it´s all about experiences and how you have learned from them.

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