Who is the angel Chocariel?

hello guys
i recently had found that Chocariel is connected to my date of birth
i want to know who is Chocariel.


That’s a name I’ve never come across before. I am curious about it too.

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Well… I don’t think this would be too much info to you, but because you interested in, check this out:

If you press Ctrl+F and type the angel’s name, you’ll find 6 mentions.

Best of lucks, Honey. :black_heart::fire:

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seems like an fallen angel when i readed and translated that book it mentioned a lot like “chocarel swallowed darkness”

“I name you Chocariel, of the Cherubim of the Abyss and of the order of Pitn-Luzbel. T sers Anatnah, of the Thrones, with Belial as leader. Pietro had no choice but to join the others. Before him, the hooded men keep kneeling. He licked his lips. It will reach”