Who is taking nineveh shadrach classes?

I have studied some of these books a little and I have progressed a lot, I still have some work from him to study.
He leaves a door open for the practice of black magic.
I have some additional knowledge that I can add to these teachings.
For the moment I’m a little stuck on the astrology part and spell casting.
In one of these books he speaks of the 14 luminous letters which are divided into several parts and represent the spirit, fire, water, earth and air.( celestial and terrestrial)
but he doesn’t explain the 14 dark letters. I can guess a little bit that the remaining letters are the dark ones concerning the 4 elements, but those associated with the spirit I don’t know if it stays the same.
So, if anyone has any information, I’m a taker.
If I can get enough knowledge, associate the book the devil’s quran especially if it comes out with a second edition in Arabic, Moroccan magic herbalism and some knowledge that I have and the jinn of the smokeless fire book and others there is a way that I can do big damage and can build a very good magic system.


Tell me more about that book, the title sounds interesting

you can get it on amazon and you will be more of it, it’s really cheap.


Thanks n_n

even translated into English spiritually it is good, for me it is very useful, even in the making of seals for the jinn or to extract servant jinn from these verses etc… But it is always better to be a little bit of Muslim/arabic tradition and to associate Arab magic with it to get the most out of it.

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Good because I don’t read Arabic and my native language makes those things sound like shit :rofl:

my Arabic is not perfect either and my accent in English you’d burst out laughing if you heard it :laughing:

I’ve been told that my English sounds like shit but that it’s fully operational, which means that it works for spoken communication but doesn’t sound native at all :rofl:

Imao is already good, I advise you if you are interested in Arab magic or if you want to have other knowledge for your practice. Concerning niveneh shadrach it is teaching are a gold mine for English speakers, even if it is more white magic and working with angels. It is easy to draw the negative aspect of these teachings for example as calculating and having the name of his guardian angels, even if he does not explain it it is easy to have the name of your familiar demons ( Qarin) and in magic attack the angel and qarin of a person it can be useful or just to have a connection with your qarin and be able to use it in your magic or divinatory practice or simply heal a person in whom the qarin has taken over.

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Sounds like fun. I’m a Qabalist of Thelemic/Draconian tradition, and I work both Trees, so I work with both angels and demons within the Hebrew schemes. I don’t know much about Arab magic, but I’m always drawn to what could be called “the esoteric aspects of Islam” that I can find in music.

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Concerning, Arab magic is just very old knowledge that was taken over there is just the influence of Islam in addition, there is Jewish Kabbalah in it etc… so it is very complete and that’s why it’s so powerful.


Could you recommend me some more books about it?


Well there is his site and also he translated two books of Arabic magic from a famous Egyptian magician al toukhy, but I did not recommend it, they are not very useful especially for Westerners.
I think it should have translated the magic of the psalms or other simpler work of al toukhy is more useful for people who are not accustomed to Arab magic.

Thanks :smiley:

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A personal friend took his courses, and kind we have a establish relatioship whit him. But i was desapoint whit his teachings, promeses too much in a book but nowhere find wat he say be in the book. Some online witches have try to get answers and he gwt not response, hes like 76,80 years now, byt been since 1960s,

That’s why you need to have other knowledge of Arab magic on the side, in these teachings there are good things you can extract and there are things that are not interesting at all.
Personally, I have never applied a teaching or a book to the letter, but I have always taken small things that interest me to do my own practice.

Correct, and i have books which can say is atentic. Knwlge, such jaquez bersez, and caselius, cheaper, bcse sadrah is way to expensive, over $90 and 300,

Never hear someone say have results ehit him.

you can’t compare jacques bersez etc… with shadrach, they have nothing in common.
It depends you find free shadrach books if you search well and yes or else it’s teaching goes from about 25 to 500$.
Personally, I’m not interested in his magic system, it’s long and boring when it’s too ceremonial, it’s ball-breaking and I’ve never tried it, so I couldn’t tell you if it works.
but there are many more advanced teachings on Arab magic, which I have not yet been able to find in other books or at least there was not all the information.
Arab magic is better in black magic with jinn and demon work it’s faster.
White magic and working with angels and heavenly jinn is longer to set up and rigorous, so I understand why your friend can’t get any results.

Awesome book