Who is "System"

Sorry Moderators if this goes against the rules of this forum. But i wanted to know if @system is an accout by @Timothy to watch the forum or someone created the account with the name. Once again i am sorry if this goes against forum rules. Thanks.


I think that’s Timothy but I could be wrong and quite probably am wrong. Allow us to ask @Lady_Eva to grace us with her sysadmin/globo-mod powers to clarify for us whom the legendary “System” is. More than likely that’s the default admin account on Discourse forum installations.


As far as I understand it, “System” is anyone who’s account has been deleted. That’s why you will see posts from it in older threads. Timothy usually posts under his own name.


From what I know NO Mods or Owners of this forum use dumby accounts to watch over our shoulders like Big Brother.

System is a normal member like anyone else.
It is against the forum rules to have dumby accounts, why would Mods or Owners break that rule??
Integrity is very important on this forum


Pretty sure Knight is right again. System=Old banned/deleted accounts


Yeah, the old forum software (SimpleMachines) was originally set up to totally delete the account of anyone who left or was banned, so their posts and possibly a few others had to be taken over by System whern the forum moved to Discourse.

System operates automatically, for example edits your post to upload hosted images locally, and does various other things like cull a post that’s deleted by its author soon after posting.


System is NOT a person, at all, it’s the Discourse software doing things, and in this case that included taking ownership on posts that didn’t have an account attached. There’s a Logs page in the Admin section that notes all things done by mods, admins, and System always shows a huge load of stuff, at all times of the day and night.


Ty for the clarification! :slight_smile:


Awesome possum :smile_cat:


@Lady_Eva, @DarkestKnight, Was I wrong? I thought this was a known user:


Yes, you are wrong. Look at the date. The post is from 2012, and is from an account that has been deleted. I think that post is actually from a former member called Necromaster, who was banned.


Yeah this example post was old, but there where more posts I think from a year ago. But you’re much longer here, so you guys know the history.


There probably won’t be anything later than autumn 2015 that’s an actual post talking in a topic, then System will appear as the author for things like the pinned topic automatically at the top of each Category, unless an admin or mod take it off, make a post ourselves, then pin it to replace the automatic one.

For example, I took the pinned System post off on the Lounge, because I wanted to add something more personal, but most of the Categories still have System as author of pinned posts.

So, that’s what it is. :smiley:

It’s not me and Timothy and so on all larping as anonymous robots, reading every post in order to immediately upload photos and cull author-deleted posts at exactly 24 hours, though that notion has a certain mad charm to it… :thinking:


Yeahi thought so too but i saw a thread where both Timothy and System erred different opinions.

Thanks everyone. @Blackcat @DarkestKnight @anon48957109 @Akashiel @Lady_Eva @Borgy