Who is Saint Michael's God

I know is sound stupid but I just want to know and if any one has the knowledge and Answer Can you please enlighten me and Can any Angel Take the Christian God as Their god Higher power

In my experience angels like Michael, Gabriel, etc are from the Judeo God, but I don’t believe they view him as their higher power. In the sense that they can view things as “creator - / - higher power”


God is all the angels and demons. When god acts in a particular way we associate that action with an angel or demon. That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing. We are below and our subconscious are our angels and demons; this is the microcosm. God is above and the angels and demons are it’s subconscious; this is the macrocosm. The arc angels are elements of god’s conscious mind.


On my spiritual path I learned from Angels, God was fallen, became human and wanders the world until they woke him up again.

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Oh okay the only reason I ask is because I did a reading and in the reading I asked both my angels who is their higher power and they both choose a Card to represent the Christian god which to me was a bit Shocking because I thought the Creator of all Which I believe was their god But that’s just my opinion

Traditionally they transcribe to Yahweh but outside of that I’m not aware of any being they serve apart from the operator themselves

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I tend to subscribe to the view that demons, angels, yokai, and so forth were created by the Gods. Judeo angels like Michael by Yahweh, Ma’ati angels by Ma’at, yokai by the Shinto Gods, sethians and asetians by Set and Aset, so on and so forth.

I never really subscribed to an idea of the creator of all, but that’s because I formed by beliefs off the answers of the beings I’ve spoken to/experienced with, which made it easier for me to expand on the differing creators.


His Greater Self beyond the persona, as vast as it may be, of Archangel Michael: limitless consciousness itself. Michael is “who is as God”.