Who is Lilith?

Who is Lilith? What is the purpose of being here for you?


Lilith is the key for the liberation of men.
She taught me the Qliphoth and the philosophical aspects of sex magick, which greatly improved my practice and my life in general. Despite she is most known as an entity who favors women, I encourage all male practitioners to stablish a strong relationship with her. You will be tremendously amazed by what you can accomplish. However, the way she has for making people cross the Abbyss can leave you with deep psychological scars, that will make you increasingly proud of the experience as you rebuild yourself and keep advancing in your path.


She acts like a mom to me, I really dont summon her but I feel massive amounts of happiness when I’m around her.


The truly symbol of freedom and equality between genders… the reason why I am now in this fascinating magick path… Hail Lilith!


Lilith can be fatal for male practitioners who have the wrong approach. According to Asenath Mason …“She also approaches men and women in a different way. While from men she demands submission and worship, women are treated as living vessels for her power, pride and knowledge.”


The problem with some men is that they approach her as some demonic sex bimbo without any spiritual intentions.
They want to test her and see if all the controversy and myths etc are true.
She told me she despises that but at the same time she thinks most of them are absolute fun at the same time, especially cause she just loves to fuck them up and breaks their ego.
She made me feel what it does with her, how she feels when that happends, not with words but through my Manipura chakra.
I understood and thought it was hilarious as fuck tbh because her punnishment is just ,…just Lilith u know xD

I had this ‘satanist’ friend who approach her in the wrong way too.
The guy was horrified after she was done with him and she didn’t even do much, she just gave him what he asked for … turned out it wasnt really what he wanted or had in mind but hey, lesson learned right? :joy::joy::joy:

See and that’s why i love her, she demands love and loyality and no fucking badass shit you know.
But real love, doesn’t matter how deep or passionate as long as it is real.


I agree with you. What do most people fail to understand about Qliphothic entity? They exist, they are not a product of your imagination/subconscious mind. The Qliphoth possess a nature which is alien and inimical to the cosmic order and do not try to command or banish these forces in the name of YHVH and angels/sephiroth. The greatest mistake you can make is to belief in the power of the “Holy names”.


That’s hot


I go to Lilith for love matters or love jar matters or revenge matters that are about love. Or just light a candle and talk to her about love or love woes. She does feel motherly and supportive.


Last night in meditation I saw images of light particles wizzing by like a tornado. Then, a woman’s voice called my name out. I immediately snapped awake. I thought, perhaps it was my deceased mom trying to reach me (maybe it was) but I was praying to Satan and Lucifer prior, and realized it was likely connected, then Lilith came to mind. I’ve worshiped Satan for years, but never developed a relationship with her. I went back into trance and began free fall down what look like an elevator shaft, but illuminated rectangles, and nothing in between. When I reached the bottom, it was dark and there was a female there, but could not see her face, I asked if she was my mother. She responded, “Yes , I am your mother, and the mother of humanity.” She was wearing shiny black latex (a personal preference of mine) which fit snugly on her and over her breasts (seduction?) and a long, black serpent wrapped around her, with one end inside her having intercourse. I then came out of trance. Not long after, I experienced a very pleasurable opioid-like high. I’ve studied up on her, and got she’s queen of demons, married to Satan (or Samuel) or she’s a Goddess. She also called our Dark Mother. And in the Bible, is the real serpent, and wouldn’t submit to Adam (equality). I was very aroused, and this ignited a new desire to get to know her as a Mother figure, Queen, and sex goddess. I’d be interested in anyones thoughts on her and this vision. Thanks.


I have read very interesting stuff about her on the forum.

I have started to build a strong matter of respect around her name and I am trying to work with her as Lucifer has showed her name to me.

No sexual stuff is not my focus at all. I believe she can help me with other things much more important.


Yeah, same, and She’s a bad ass. I’m doing more research, I’ve looked in the forums, I’m educating myself but I’m interested to see peoples’ thoughts about the vision i had.

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I read an extract from Asenath Mason’s
‘Qliphothic Meditations’ where she wrote
Lucifer & Samael are the same for most
and with Lucifer Lilith filled her realm.
They are in relationship, are maybe married.

In how far is she a bad ass? Any examples?


she Seems to be a motherly figure. And she didn’t submit to Adam’s demands in the biblical account.

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Maybe she had sent him a succubus?
From whom do you know she didn’t submit to Adam? Do you mean sexually as far as I now understood?

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Yeah, in the story. And I’m just learning about her, bro. Hence the post. (:

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Did you ever read a ‘badass story’ about Lilith?

In how far can the contact with Lilith become sexual? Through her servants as I’ve read it
some hours ago…? I don’t know it, but I believe
Lilith is sexually loyal to Lucifer, isn’t she?

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I usually find it entertaining how occult men talk about Lilith, it just makes me think of a puberty meme. However, to me Lilith is just a woman who knows what she wants, a business woman. I don’t seek her out for anything but I acknowledge her development from child to adult who has made a name for herself and a idol to a lot of human women.


The Lilith I know submits to NO ONE or NOTHING.

I rather like this one in particular:

The Sumerian Legend of Lilith

By Charles Moffat

Before the stars were born
Before people built great cities
The great mountain Atlen shook
And bled fiery blood
As it gave birth to Lilitu

The land all around burned
Many animals and people died
When Lilitu opened her eyes
Lilitu saw the ashes of her birth
And wept tears like rain

Lilitu’s tears became rivers and streams
Flowers grew where Lilitu walked
Trees grew where Lilitu sat
The ashes became fertile soil
And an orchard became Lilitu’s home

In Lilitu’s orchard many animals are
People came to live in paradise
Lilitu gave them grain and taught them to harvest
Lilitu made bread and beer
The people rejoiced, ate and drank

One day a great prince came to the land of Atlen
He spied Lilitu and wooed her
But Lilitu spurned and rejected him
The great prince became very angry
He spied two lions and killed them both

Lilitu wept for the lions
She cradled their heads in her arms
The lions awoke to her tears
The lions licked away her tears and became strong
They became Lilitu’s loyal friends

The great prince saw this
And again he wooed Lilitu
But Lilitu became a bird
She flew away from him
Angry, the prince began hunting birds

Lilitu saw this and was upset
To spite the prince she spat at him
And mated with a serpent
Lilitu gave birth very quickly
Her child was like no other

The child had six arms
The child had a serpent’s tail
The child was very strong
Lilitu called the child a marilitu
The Marilitu attacked the great prince

The great prince and the marilitu fought
They fought day and night
For night after night
And day after day
But neither could win the fight

Lilitu saw this and mated again
Another marilitu was born
And another and another
Two hundred and sixteen were born
In fear the great prince ran away

The people of the orchard rejoiced
The marilitus farmed the land
The marilitus protected the people
But the great prince swore vengeance
He cursed the mountain Atlen and its land

Atlen became angry at this curse
The mountain and the land shook
Atlen shook and bled and cried
Its fiery blood made fires
And its tears made floods

Afraid Lilitu turned into a great bird
She grasped people in her feet
She carried animals on her back
The marilitu’s and the lions carried people too
Together they fled the land of Atlen

Lilitu went west and east
Lilitu went north and south
Finally she came to dry land
The people thanked Lilitu greatly
The people built statues in her honour

Lilitu wept for her lost home
Her tears formed two rivers
The rivers joined together
They flowed into the ocean
The people grew grain by the river

The people grew great orchards
They built buildings and towers of stone
The people grew healthy and the land rich
Merchants from far places travelled there
News of the wealth of the land grew

The great prince heard of the land
He sent his heralds to inquire of its lady
But Lilitu fed his heralds to her lions
The great prince sent an army
But the marilitus destroyed his army

Finally the great prince went
When he saw the beautiful orchards
When he saw the six-armed marilitus
The great prince knew the lady was Lilitu
In fear he disguised himself as a woman

The great prince went to Lilitu’s temple
His disguise fooled the people
But the lions knew his scent
The two lions warned Lilitu
So Lilitu prepared a trap

Lilitu summoned thirty-six young men
She filled a hall with thirty-six silver platters
She ordered thirty-six beasts slaughtered
At last she was ready
She invited the people to the feast

People came from all over the land
The great prince came too
The great prince arrived in disguise
But Lilitu knew him eagerly
She welcomed him as an honoured guest

The great prince accepted her hospitality
He sat before all the people
The thirty-six young men were brought forth
“Please choose a man,” Lilitu commanded
Not wanting to be rude the great prince chose one

Lilitu bade the great prince to sit beside the young man
The silver platters were brought forth
The people feasted on the meat of thirty-six beasts
Great gifts were brough forth
Lilitu gave the gifts to the great prince

Confused the great prince accepted
Then the feast was finally over
Curious, the great prince questioned Lilitu
“Do you always give such grand gifts to strangers?”
“Only when someone is married,” Lilitu answered

Realizing what had happened the great prince became angry
He ripped off his disguise
He drew his sword and his dagger
“Why have you made me marry this man?” he demanded
“Because you can never marry me,” Lilitu answered

Enraged the great prince attacked Lilitu
The two fought endlessly for Lilitu was very strong
Whenever the prince would get too bold
Lilitu would change into a bird
The great prince fell to the ground and wept in despair

The great prince professed his love
He promised that he would never quit
He prepared to cut his own throat
Finally Lilitu grew tired of this game
She felt pity for the great prince

“I will grant you one kiss,” Lilitu declared
Desperate the great prince accepted
The moment the great prince’s kiss had been dealt
His body flooded with life and then death
So great was the pleasure of one kiss that he died

Lilitu wept for the great prince
But the great prince remained dead
Saddened Lilitu knew she could never love
No mortal man could taste her kiss and live
Her tears brought life, but her kiss brought death


:crystal_ball: That was very beautiful. :crystal_ball:

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