Who is in Copenhagen, Denmark? Or is in Denmark?


Who is in Copenhagen? Or is in Denmark?

I’ve got some questions about ancient ruins being covered up my modern buildings. Also, when is the best time to visit season wise?

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Or maybe I just do the research…and go.

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Unless you contact and work with the Danes, it’s not likely to end well.

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They have the listings and take conservation seriously, was.my angle.

My grandparents were immigrants from Denmark to the US. (Not larping here, being real.)

Doing online research is not illegal, especially if you’re looking for something related to family history. There are websites that pertain to the history of a country that can be done at home, especially if you know where to look.

It would be illegal for me to go over there to dig up modern day sites without permits. That’s not what I’m doing this for.

Where I live in the US, a lot of ancestry is from Denmark. I’ll ask around to see what it said about this.

I may end up permanently in Denmark for the rest of my life, I am taking the first steps in figuring if this is what I want.

Plus, I’ve been very clear in letting people know my ancestry and Spirit is going to be upset if this rolls into a larping story off of the forum. The actions are already being set in place.


Mine came from there, too, just a lot earlier. I didn’t take it as larping at all. I plan on setting foot in Jutland some day.


Denmark has a pretty strict immigration law for non eu citizens, so if you want to stay there permanently, you might want to check it out first.