Who is Diana/Artemis in mythologies?

I have been working on who the Goddess Diana is known as in different mythologies and cultures.
I will list below what i have found out.
Greek: Diana.
Roman: Artemis.
Celtic: Arianrhod.
Etruscan: Aritimi.
Norse: Skadi.
Egyptian: Bastet.
Hindu: Banka-Mundi.
Slavic: Devana.
Thracian: Bendis.
I am wondering if this Goddess is known in Sumerian/Mesopotamian mythology. If anyone has any thoughts on this then please give them.
Also if you disagree with any of the Goddesses i listed above then please tell me why you think that and give a little bit of proof for me so that i can see where you are coming from.
Thanks again.

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Hi :slight_smile: I believe she is named Artemis in Greek mythology and Diana in Roman mythology, not the other way around.

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I did a brief Google skim of “Diana in Sumeria” and got the following tidbits, no guarantee of accuracy:

Yeah i think you are right about that.

I looked into it.
It seems credible but i have also seen that Astare is more relatable to these Goddesses;
Phoenician: Astare.
Babylonian: Ishtar.
Sumerian: Inanna.
Canaanite: Asherah.
Norse: Freya.
Egyptian: Isis and Aset.
Roman: Venus.
Celtic: Brigid.
Hittite: Asherdu.
Greek: Aphrodite.
Germanic: Ostara.
Akkadian: Ashratu.
Some of these might not be her links but still most of them are generally attributed towards Astare.
I see that Astare is known both as a Goddess of war and love.
Through her love aspect we can trace her lineage more along the lines of Isis, Anat, Inanna and Ishtar. In fact her aspect of Astare is known to be a variant of Ishtar and Inanna. Also Astare is known as a variant of the Goetia “spirit” Astaroth.
You would have to say that because Astare is associated with war that therefore she is also known as Artemis.
But we do know that Artemis can be traced back to these goddesses below;
Greek: Artemis.
Roman: Diana.
Celtic: Arianrhod.
Etruscan: Aritimi.
Norse: Skadi.
Egyptian: Bastet.
Hindu: Banka-Mundi.
Slavic: Devana.
Thracian: Bendis.
And there are some who equate Artemis/Bastet more with the Goetia “spirit” Hagenti. (Not everyone but some people do).

Besides all of that you would have to say that Diana and Artemis and all of “their” aspects are the same as all of Astare’s aspects.

Also i read that some people equate Astare with Aphrodite, Hera and Artemis as well as Isis and Hathor in Egyptian mythology (which is more relatable to Astare in my opinion). So all of the aspects of these individual Goddesses would have to be the all the same or linked in some way as well.
Just because one Goddess like Astare is attributed towards different Goddesses in a mythology doesn’t instantly mean they are the same.

I am not critizing you or anything like that i am simply trying to see how this could even be possible given certian things that are commonly known or at least that are generally seen to be true.

Thank you for sharing what you did with me. I had no idea that Astare and Artemis were known to be linked in that way.

Sorry this is sort of a little rant. I love discussions. But i am just trying to point out key things in this topic. Thanks again btw❤