Who is D?

At one point during the program E A talks about a god he once evoked he calls “D” and says his name is forbidden to say now i found this strange to begin with as ive never seen Koetting to be much for playing by the rules lol anyways just wondering if anyone knows about this god who which faith its from?

(This is the same god in which he explains hates humanity and is disgusted by it possibly a creator deity?)

There a few things that EA has done that I do not agree with, but common sense tells me that as intelligent as he is, most of these things are done for your own good.

Some of these entities are powerful enough that just speaking or thinking their name clearly will bring them into close quarters with you. There are probably some of us here who could indeed handle being around a violent spirit who hates humanity, and finish the evocation unharmed, but the majority are not prepared for a creature like that.

Imagine the potential grief and chaos that could stem from EA telling us this name. Suddenly we have aspiring, or overzealous magicians dropping off like flies, and Im sure thats the opposite goal of BALG.

I have a few ideas as to who it actually is, but with the thousands of other entities out there who are more than beneficial, Id rather just leave this one alone for now.

i suppose but at the same time i wasent asking to evoke the beast or even speak the name simply to KNOW the name my thirst for knowledge even knowledge im not willing to use yet is insatiable

Which is What most Magicians are like or at least should be IMO

All knowledge is important the Seeking of said Knowledge: Sacred

I was asking because the Story seemed to resonate with me and i have never heard of any faith or following with the God he spoke about Including the more obscure i MAY have missed something in my research admittedly but i just thought id ask who would know most of all my fellow Magicians

As for your comment about the entities reaking havoc in our lives while i respect your candor and your caution my friend i like to push and test my limits not that im ready for this just yet but id like to have the information for when i am

And isent that what BALG is about? Pushing your Limits doing more seeing more Becoming More?

(Hope this dident come off as Disrespectful thank you for your comment Lotus Eater i meant no disrespect by this :slight_smile: )

The Teachings of don Juan, page 28:

“Will you teach me then?”
“Is it because I’m not an Indian?”
“No. It is because you don’t know your heart. What is important is that you know exactly why you want to involve yourself. Learning about ‘Mescalito’ is a serious act. If you were an Indian your desire alone would be enough. Very few Indians would have such a desire.”

You learning the name of this entity will not help you in any way. You’re being a greedy little boy and asking an experienced magician to reveal something he is sworn against revealing. If you were a part of the order that gave him the instructions for this entity, then your interest would likely be enough since you would be on equal ground. But I’m sure very few of the members of that order wanted to know in the first place.

Again, all your comments point to you being a greedy little boy. Harboring all the knowledge from everywhere doesn’t get anything done since you’ll never use it. Taking little bits of knowledge and applying it in a fanatical manner will get you many places.

I’ll state this one more time on this forum, everyone who keeps hounding EA and Timothy about going against their word needs to stop. It’s ridiculous and shows you do not respect them or their word one bit.

If you know the name that would be as bad as speaking it. If I say “don’t say Tom” the first thing your likely to do is think of that name. That alone may be enough to bring it near you.

I’m not trying to cast assumptions on your experience level or ability, but I’ve always felt that certain spirits or forces make themselves known to you when your ready. If your not at a level to handle contact with them then it would be a waste of both your time and energy as well as the spirits.

None taken, but I have been down that road, and had thoughts like that for many, many years. As harsh as what Parasite said may be, its completely spot on.

Nothing wrong with acquiring knowledge, and I completely agree with the sentiment that all knowledge is sacred, but pushing your limits is much different than overcoming them.

Just because knowledge exists does not mean that learning it all at once is a good idea. There is a time and a place for certain knowledge, and one of the most intelligent things to do is to know YOUR place. I dont mean that in a demeaning way at all. I know that on a fundamental level, I am no lesser of a person than EA is, nor is he better than me. What I do recognize, however, is that he is MUCH further along his path than I am, and therefore has access to a much larger and broader spectrum of knowledge, not because of privilege, but out of necessity. Now, I could easily just try to bug him and get him to tell me things, but I know that it would essentially be casting pearls before swine. So instead of going down that path, I would rather just start working up to EA’s level and grasping the things that come my way on that path, with the knowledge that I can eventually possess the same things he does.

TWF is also spot on as well, when it comes to things of this nature, often times the knowledge will fall into your lap, WHEN and IF you are ready for it. Its an unexplainable phenomenon to me, but its something thats happened my whole life.

So, long story short…just dont worry about it. I know it seems like a cop-out, and that maybe a higher authority is “denying you knowledge” but the more experience you have, the more it will make sense. Before this year I had never even heard Azazel’s name, and looking back at some of the shit I was trying to do, its a very good thing that I didnt, or I probably wouldve made things worse for myself.

Just keep doing what youre doing, focus on your ascent, study evocation, and get yourself developed. Who knows? Maybe youll be back here next month telling us all D’s real name! I can assure you though, it wont be found here.

@ TWF i suppose your right as i said my interest was purely Academic as for my level of skill Id call myself an Adept i suppose ive been practicing the occult for about a few years this includes Evocation

@WrithingParasite There is light years of difference between interest and Greed this question wasent a demand nor was it a question made out of Hubris it was more just a random Thought i was up late last night and though to myself “Hey i wonder which faith that “D” spirit was from” and looked it up for a bit and couldn’t find it

so i thought id ask on here if im guilty of any crime its laziness lol as for not “respecting” ea or anyone else about there oaths this was NOT my intention and i don’t beleve i was being disrespectful at ALL i was asking a question that’s IT not DEMANDING he break an oath or some vow to a spirit or anyone else

just a passing curiosity And frankly i dont apreciate you disrespecting me by calling me a “greedy little boy” when you know nothing about me especially over such a silly mundane passing intrest I dident want the information to HELP or assist me or further my spiritual Assentian it was the EXACT same thing as if you thought

“hey i wonder how many cars there are in new york at any time” does that help you in any way? no but you still Google it and feel better when you know

my point is that this was not disrespectful or A Demand of any sort it was Simple Curiosity that is all If i did not Articulate that properly I apologize

@The Lotus Eater: nods i hear you this was a question made while i was very tired lol i suppose it was silly in hindsight just thought id ask Thank you for the Advice however i will do just that :slight_smile:


First off all, I’m not “taking sides” so to speak. But, I did resonate with your last response Azrael. I often think of posting a quick spur of the moment thought or question that is really innocuous. But, then I second guess myself and don’t end up doing it, in concern of the “way” it could be taken.

And to be honest some of that second guessing comes from being new on the forum, even if that does not mean I’m “new” to It’s ways.

Props and Respect always, All-ways.