Who is Barchiel?

So a couple years ago I came across a group of sigils, very similar too the Goetia. I skimmed through the names recognizing most, but not all. One grabbed my attention…Barchiel.
Barchiel was listed as “Hells chief mechanic”. Me, being a mechanical engineer thought this was about as cool as it gets. I hadn’t really done any real working with demons yet, so I filed it away.

I haven’t been able to find anything on this being. At all. But I did call on his services recently.

I used an offering of motor oil set alight(have to mix with some sort of accelerant for combustion.DANGER DO NOT ATTEMPT UNLESS SAFETY PROCEDURES ARE IN PLACE),some incense and recited this enn that just kinda came to me that day- AVAGE TASA BARCHIEL CA REMECH.

Barchiel completely helped with a few projects I had piling up, one being a pool pump motor that I was sure was fried, another being a seized engine.

Any information about this being would be greatly appreciated. I got the feeling from them that they weren’t going to give up too much info about themselves.


I am not sure, but I know barchiel as an attending angel which works under Yabamiah as ruling angel and is 70th angel of shemhamephorash.

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I got this from the book called ‘Angels and Archangles’ from damien Echols.

The season of Scorpio begins on October 23 and ends on November 21. Scorpio is a water sign and therefore deals primarily with the emotional plane, but it also extends into the realm of psychic intuition and sexuality. The archangel of this sign is Barchiel, who presides over all mystical subjects and things related to the occult.
Keys to Visualizing Barchiel of Scorpio
• Blue-green robes with the sign of Scorpio in darker green • Associated with the scents of dragon’s blood and lotus
Some Reasons to Invoke Barchiel of Scorpio
• To enhance sexual pleasure and assist with issues of repressed sexuality
• To interpret dreams
• To master any form of divination
• To discover the truth about any situation
• To defend against anyone who would attack you for your beliefs

And this is from form the book called ‘ The encyclopedia of angels’ written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

Barakiel (Barachiel, Baraqiel, Barchiel, Barkiel, Barquiel and Barbiel)
Angel who is the “lightning of God” and thus rules lightning. Barakiel is one of the seven ARCHANGELS and planetary angels and rules Jupiter and the month of February. He is one of the four chief SERAPHIM, ruler of the CONFESSORS, and PRINCE of the second and third HEAVEN. Barakiel is cited as the ruler of the zodiac sign of Scorpio and also Pisces. He is invoked for luck in gambling.
As Barkiel he is one of the guards of the gates of the East Wind. As Barbiel he is one of the angels ruling the 28 MANSIONS OF THE MOON.


Barachiel is a title. Whatever you juxtapose next to the title Barachiel gives a unique Barachiel. For example, let’s pair the title Barachiel with several items.
Barachiel, as a Watcher.
Barachiel of Scorpio.
Barachiel as Archangel.

If accurate, it seems like you are connecting to a lesser known type of Barachiel. Your last sentence makes it seem like this spirit may be occluding themselves on purpose. What is your source for this spirit? I’m asking because I wanna work with this spirit too.

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According to The Lemegeton, the Demon Barchiel is one of the Dukes under the Wandering Prince Menadiel.


Awesome, thank you for the source! Makes sense, the Wandering Princes’ like to remain hush-hush.


Be careful of answers you get.

Look at mess of lhp/rhp