Who has my back...the page of swords?

I did a tarot reading and I pulled a card for “who/what has my back”. I pulled the page of swords.

I had the distinct feeling it represented an entity, particularly because that’s what I was looking for. I have gotten a lot of different information regarding demons and tarot associations. I’ve read that the page of swords represents Abaddon or Botis. Can anyone help me clarify?

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Well, it depends on the deck as well. You need to look at imagery and your booklet’s definition and apply that to a certain entity. Someone’s tarot association for an entity is going to be fairly subjective. By simple definition, it’s pretty much just “you are being overly curious, try using a different method to figure this out.”


Thats probably the case


Page of swords can be also a younger man who likes you, a secret admirer who is making sure that you are ok. Maybe you know him but he didn’t tell you that?