Who has ever used this sigil of Set?

I’m curious who knows the Set behind this sigil.
It’s from Nightside of Eden by Kenneth Grant.
It’s a qliphothic sigil. Kenneth Grant calls him Satan-Set, who is Typhon, Shaitan & Iblis.

I’m curious about your experiences with it.

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Hmmm is a pitty that lots of people tend to equate Gods, why is that?

Iblis is linked to Azazel not Set. Typhon is the only one linked to Set out of the listed names. Shaitan/Iblis to Azazel. However, given Typhon is a Titan God a child of Gaia/Earth and Set isn’t a Titan God and the child of Geb/Earth. Difference is Typhon was practically born to punish the Olympians by Gaia’s orders.


According to Grant Shaitan is Set-Satan.
Yes, he is not Iblis, but surely islamic Shaitan.

And Grant wrote one of his names is Teitan.


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You brought up this old thread to tell me something that holds zero relevance? I’m sorry that you don’t believe me but that doesn’t really matter if you do or don’t. According to grant as if that makes it any less wrong :man_shrugging:

I corrected my post and only since today this Forum works on my phone again. I looked through what happened.

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Welcome back! :wink:

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There’s no historical evidence that links set and Shaitan set was linked to Satan after demonization. Regardless please don’t tag me in 4 month old threads simply to voice someone else’s “research” as your truth.

Thank you! @Rav

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Did you read Nightside of Eden?
Grant explained Set-Satan to be Shaitan.
But Iblis is Azazel, yes.

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You act as if what Grant says is accurate, I hold his opinion as high as I hold another author’s opinion which is not high at all.

Set is Set, his demonization holds no weight to me, shaitan was a title held in Islamic faith for Satan yes but Set is not Satan so it defeats the entire purpose.

However, again this thread is 4 months old and I’ve washed my hands of it as it no longer holds any relevance to me, you’re free to believe the opinion of someone else but clearly it will go in circles based off experience from what someone else told you and that’s not a good discussion.

I’ll keep it in mind.


Shaitan is not set…

Im again repeating that every being should be treated singular…

I’m quite not sure.
Thoth is Hermes as well from my experience and according to old Greeks. Sometimes a being wears an other mask as identity, too.

But I say about Shaitan and Set idk.

Hermes being Thoth is not “old Greeks” it’s Greek attempt to absorb and assimilate Egyptian Gods just as Greek and Romans did to most of the Gaul Gods.

Masks are a thing but they aren’t so “this well known is all these well knowns” LHP/RHP abuse the term ‘masks’ like they do the term godform.

Even if itwouls be same godsoul incarnating multiple times and became publicly known deity, it would atill have difderent language bank, skillsets, diffeeent mother and father by default, etc…

Believe me, i knpw