Who guards the gates?

What is a demon that guards the gates of Hell? Not Cerberus or Garm. What is the name of a humanoid entity that guards the underworld gates?

I was under the impression that the Gatekeepers guarded that gates. 'Cause you know… “gate” and “keepers”.

Of course, I could be taking that literally and could be completely wrong.


Really depends which hell you are talking about. Pretty much every culture has something that can be considered a ‘hell’ and they are all different astral planes that can be visited plus many others that not recorded.

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Why would the gates need guarding?


Depends on which astral domain you are visiting. Some domains are in fact heavily protected by Military Demons.

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To keep those in Hell from getting out is my guess. At least, if we’re talking about the Christian idea of Hell.

Cerberus served that function in Greek mythology. His job wasn’t to keep people from getting into Hades, but was to keep the dead from getting out.


I would figure against things like feral astral life and all sorts of random astral occurrences or troublesome mages or even just bored spirits that want to be pains in the asses. Just think of what beings like Loki do within their own pantheon and I think that would warrant some security or some poor demon lord is going to end up turned into a chicken and stuck that way. Plus probably a ceremonial position as well.


Maybe if they could come and live in nicer domains they would actually be more chill though? :thinking:


Maybe but with some it is just their nature and would be kinda like saying maybe if the lion lived in a nicer city it would stop eating the children. I think a lot of magicians deal with the more intelligent spirits and don’t have chance to interact with any of the more wild or feral ones beyond the lesser varieties of parasites and what I call true demons which are the evil malicious sort but no doubt in the deeper areas of the astral where the more powerful denizens dwell the wildlife scales appropriately.
So many might not consider that the nasty little leeches they have to deal with might one day grow into something that even gods don’t want hanging around in their backyard.


This is for a story I’m writing. The main character is taken from his world and finds himself in a twisted forest. He encounters a phantom of a girl he knows (and kills it) and is attacked by some weird cackling hair creatures I saw in a dream. He then encounters a large man (like a bouncer) in a red suit and shades. He’s guarding a red velvet door. Music and lights emanate from the door. The man asks the main character what he desires, and the characters says he wants to go through the door. As he touches the door, it turns black. This along with the man’s shades and suit. The man replies that the reason for the transformation is because the main character is scared. He can still let him through, but warns that to bring fear past the threshold is to invite a nightmare.

I want a name I can give the man at the door. One drawn from myth and legend.


Maybe Phobos or Deimos the Greek personifications of fear, dread and terror, when the character is not afraid they are tame but when they show fear they feed from that and their true nature starts to come out. I think Phobos would be more appropriate.

Ever seen W.I.T.C.H.? It was an fantasy action series on JetX years back. They had a villain named Prince Phobos.

And the use of fear isn’t that extreme. The man responds by saying “This isn’t good.”

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Never even heard of it before. Still something to think about though. Those two were the ones that came to the top of my head.

It was a Saturday morning action magical girl show. Point is I don’t think I can use the name. I know where the names come from, but they’re not so well known. People would call it copy writing or something.

I’m looking for like a classic demonology/Ars Goetia demon.

The number of gatekeepers, and the number of gates, is pretty much unlimited so maybe try being more specific?

Gut reaction says the one you’re referring to is Lepaca.



So strange. I don’t know how to explain this really bit your story is like a series of dreams I’ve had plus some spiritual experiences I’ve had recently, and I bet you I can probably help you find your name.

( Didn’t realize I was resurecting this one. Got Carried away down the rabbit hole. )

Yaah, clearly he isn’t refering to Anubis.
As that wouldn’t be any humanoid.^^
The Dark God Dog, however, is another Gatekeeper of Hell,
and might be helpful for the reseurch if there’s more investigation needed. :wink: