Who do you practice with?


I have a question for everyone…
Who do you practice with and how did you meet them?

I just moved half way across the country and have found myself solo again. I was experimenting with a few back home, but I was getting into dark areas they were not willing to explore. Might be a lonely ride from here on out.


I’ll go ahead & put it out there - I’ve been on my own in this Quest for all my 16 years practicing. Just never could find a person or group that lined up with where I’m headed & the things that are important to me. Everybody I met inevitably tried to “talk some sense into me and tell me I needed to join the real world”.

So, I guess you could say I don’t match anybody I’ve met yet … but I sure do adore my new Forum family. Closest thing to home I’ve found yet … :wink: Z


They will find you when you need them, until then just practice in solitude.


Agree on that. : )


Been on my own this far. Only folks I’ve come across were the soft speaking mother earth types which is cool but not my bag.


my sister and i had a sharing information type deal. but no ritual sharing. she’s since moved on to Enochian practice making us polar opposites.

that being said, i’ve always been a solitary practitioner. perhaps it’s good to find a ‘twin flame’ in another, but the path to our own enlightenment has to be personal…


Just a funny little personal"aside" here: I used to try to BE one of those 'soft speaking earth mother types" (tee hee; yeah, really!). In the early years, when I first divorced the church, I still had alot of deprogramming myself to do, so I kinda gravitated toward something outside the church that was still perceived as “good”.

Obviously, that shoe didn’t fit - here I am! :wink: Z