Who did I encounter?

Hi there. I joined this site in part to clarify an experience I had I’m March. While I’ve always been a psychic and an empathy, I have began sensing more and in March I had an encounter with what, after research, is either a shadow figure, Santa Muerte, or maybe an interdimensional traveler. I was having a bad reaction to a new medicine. Had two seizures. Saw deceased loved ones and felt a bunch of knowledge about the universe. Saw my life flash before my eyes. Wow, this is lonI’m sorry I’ll get to the point. This figure was just sitting next to me the whole time. It was black with red eyes, wearing a black hooded robe. The word reaper flashed in my mind. That’s how I’m psychic, I see words, less commonly images. I wasn’t afraid at all. It seemed neutral or good if anything. I’m leaning towards Santa Muerte over a shadow figure or interdimensional traveler for the following reasons:

1-I wasn’t afraid and most accounts of shadow figures include fear.
2-Reaper would be closer to Santa Muerte over a shadow being.
3-My deceased loved ones didn’t seem at all scared or concerned.
4-It didn’t vanish when I looked away.
5-It “felt” important, was all dressed, etc.

So, that’s what I think, but I’m VERY new to actually seeing spirits vs feeling them and have never seen anything like this. Can any like this before. Can someone with more experience maybe give me their thoughts on what I encountered? Thanks so much for reading.


Could have been angel Asrael, the angel of death but it wasn’t your appointed time yet.