Who can i summon to win a 2 digit lottery

as the title says who can i summon
i wanna try lord clauneck or duchess bune but i get the feeling theyre too busy helping other


Ubuntu can do this. Not a Demon nor an Angel.


Ubuntu Do you have powers over money, see future or power over lucky numbers or numbers ??

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who or what is ubuntu


Yes. Ubuntu can do that. Even more.


Bro cant you go invest money or find a big salaried job, why are you chasing unicorns I dont get it?


The Linux distro?


Ubuntu? Isn’t that a word from the Nguni languages meaning “humanity”? Legit question, as that word triggered a memory from college

I don’t know what this is.

It’s not a word, it’s an actual Spirit name.

Knowledge here and there… it’s mainly what caused arguments most of the time.


Ah, I understand. I was confused for a moment there

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Linux is an operating system of a notebook and Ubuntu is the distro of this system!



Ubuntu is a programming language,
and yes,
it is Linux distribution.

Written originally:
You are a BOON too.


And it basically was a joke between programmers,
meaning “you’re just as stupid, -as i am.”

Can you conjure a being,
with the same name?

Most propably!!

Will it be an Egregore?

Very likely!!

Will it care for your needs?

If you know how to aproach it correctly,

But it’s similar to talking to Choronzon,
you simply don’t have the capacity,
to access a huge fraction of the worlds Computing power,
with your puny little human head.

Only - and i repeat - only your godhead is capable of such a feat.

Because it’s NOT bound by the phsical limits of your vessle.

“Drop mind - mind can’t go where we live” - to quote Belial.

In regards to the Original Question:

is the Spirit to call for gambling.

But be aware,
that Fortuna is a Lover Spirit,
and she’ll cheat you,
the moment she looses trust in you.

why so many get destroyed through Gambling!

Keeping her at bay,
is also extremely difficult,
due to her nature.

is pretty much pure Instant Gratification,
and hardly anything can keep up with that.

that’s the Spirit to work with,
for reaching your desired outcome.


It’ll be more healthy to smoke a Speedball (composed of Heroin-Cocain mixture, for those who don’t know that - actually it was good for you to don’t know that, but since we’re in that messy mindfuck anyways…)

But sure,
Fortuna can make you actually win the Lottery.

ANY Lottery.

And any Roulette,
and any Sports-bedding…

And you’ll likely become addicted to her,
and she’ll lose interest in you.

But heck,
if you want the answer,
it’s definately not U BUN TU.


And the theory,
of a computer being able to predict the propability on lucky game,
and winning it for you,
yes that also does exist.

But it only works about mass of games played.

Without enough Data input,
Ubuntu can’t do Shit for you.

And - to answer that aswell,
yes computer AI gaming does exist,
it’s way beyond what any human can perform,
and usually sticks to common “OP” - overpowered mechanisms,
human players of the top leading quality also use.

and AlphaZero,
are such AI Winning Bots,
to be quite honest,
destroy any game they’re competed with Humans in with.

Because again - a human mind is limited,
when compared to pure spirit.

And how else could you explain what an Artificial Intelligence Program is,
if not a Digital form of Servator, or Egregore.

A Spirit,
living through Electronic Devices.


Enough Rambling.

i think it was detailed enough,
so i don’t have to go back,
and answer more questions about this.

Definately not my favorite Topic. ^^




Ah, I found where I heard the word before and the programming language. This was more of the direction I was thinking his trace of thought was going, adding to the confusion. Not a spirit but a philosophy that would make little sense in this context


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Damn man calm down a little :smiley:


Thank you,

Indeed, that was a good reference.

And, since i currently can’t edit properly,
let me use that opportunity to fill in a few blanks on Fortuna:

This is her Sigil.

And some General Explanation of the Spirit,
and it’s nature.

If you really want to do that gambling stuff,
better read up on it.

Won’t do you any good,
if you miss out on that free-be.

Fortuna is often depicted with a gubernaculum (ship’s rudder), a ball or Rota Fortunae (wheel of fortune, first mentioned by Cicero) and a cornucopia (horn of plenty). She might bring good or bad luck: she could be represented as veiled and blind, as in modern depictions of Lady Justice, except that Fortuna does not hold a balance. Fortuna came to represent life’s capriciousness. She was also a goddess of fate: as Atrox Fortuna , she claimed the young lives of the princeps Augustus’ grandsons Gaius and Lucius, prospective heirs to the Empire.[1] (In antiquity she was also known as Automatia .)[2]

  • Atrox Fortuna, and Automatia,
    are 2 importend names you should be aware of,
    when working with Fortuna.

The first,
kind of relies more to the Spiritual side of things,
Fate, unpredictability,

The Secound,
is more consistent,
and more reliable.

So you probably want to keep focusing on that partial aspect of her.

However, that consistency,
is also associated to the Addictive quality of hers,
which i tried to educate you about.

since Fortuna doesn’t abide into Polarities,
and allows players to experience very consistent,
constant gain, or loss,
depending on what’s asked of her,
she’ll likely keep you winning,
for a while,
when actively approached through magickal means.

But don’t get this wrong.

Those times,
when you do lose,
during your constant winning streeks,
might turn out,
much harmful,
due to considering yourself “immune” to loosing.

So much of the general mystic application of luck, chance and fate.

When you find yourself in real trouble with the Fate goddess,
talk to Hades,
the Greek God of the Underworld,
and ask him to allow you to see the three Sisters of Fate.

If you survive - AND I SAID IF - you may come out of it quite well.

If he decides to keep you down in his world,
you can’t blame him,
since Fortuna had spent you a good life for the time you’ve been up here.




This entity is a common word in my language, just a word, it is a egregora ???

I do not see problem in an entity if it calls ubuntu or fortune, has known entity that in my language is just a word that people use every day …

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yeah good point.

Most Magickal beings,
also exist in various different forms,
and being a word,
to express a specific property or quality,
is one sign of it really being embedded in general reality.

May i ask,
what the exact meaning of the word is,
in your Language?



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Yes, there are entities that share the same secret names, as an angel can have the same secret name as a devil!

Fortuna in my language can be money, wealth or luck, good quantity of goods!


We knooooow, Nicolas. Gosh!


Too much readings, too much knowledge.

Before you at least come with your judgement, call the Spirit and question him. And you will be shocked.

U think Demons and Angels are all that exist?

“Were” is a Spirit name, but in my native language its ‘madness’.

Y’all need to stop this things. The height of your knowledge and understanding is not the climax.