Who can help me co-write a Book about a Grimoire that I received from a Spirit

Hey Guys !

Some time ago I received from a Spirit a Grimoire and a magickal path work called the Roomick System. In the meantime I am being delivered from another Spirit a second similar Grimoire and path work.

I have uploaded the first grimoire on the forum under the name The Roomick System Grimoire.

I would like to co-write a book about them but the thing is that I am not a writer and English is not my native language.

If you are interested please contact me !

All the Best


Can you please give us a few more details about this grimoire/system? That would help all of us know whether our experience would be appropriate for co-writing your book.


I have uploaded the First Grimoire here on the Forum under the name The Roomick System Grimoire. Check it out and let me know !

This: The Roomick System Grimoire


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And in return what do we get?

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publish and sell it and share the profits

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Must I use my name, or can I use a pseudonym specific to this work?

I’m a PhD student with a lot of experience writing and editing papers, reports, protocols, and other documents, so I could probably be fairly valuable. I would need you to provide a rough draft, of course, in Microsoft Word format.

I am interested in possibly helping. I am a professional playwright and author so writing is kind of my thing :slight_smile:

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The grimoire itself is very interesting, thank you for sharing it.

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Thank you !

Hi DarkestKnight,

Can we exchange emails to communicate about the possibility of writing a book about my grimoire ?

Here is a link to the first grimoire that I have posted here on the forum

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

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